<Openly Hostile> 8/8H+1/8M - Mythic raiding at 21:30

Looking for Players – PvE
<Openly Hostile> 8/8H+1/8M - Mythic raiding at 21:30

8/8HC+1/8M semi-casual team on Tarren Mill (horde) recruiting for Mythic raiding at 21:30 server time.

Currently open to all skilled DPS whilst we rebuild our roster for mythic progress.

Openly Hostile are a team of experienced and high performing raiders and we are looking for more folk like us!

We raid Tues and Thurs at 21:30-00:00 with Sunday as a flexible third day for early prog then optional lower difficulties, M+ and other activities. Our intention is to take a mature and pragmatic approach to the game and especially raiding. We understand that real life comes first and we'll have realistic goals for what we will achieve in the time we play. We will also prioritise playing with "the right people" over quickly filling spots.

To be considered you must be able to play your chosen role to a high standard and will be expected to keep current enough to perform in the same ballpark as the rest of the team. You also would need to understand that the team is newly formed and it will take time and effort to get all the kinks worked out, so come with the right expectation!

This is a great opportunity to join a newly formed, skilled team and be a part of making something awesome!

Add me on bnet on steveo#21656 or apply here: http://www.guilded.gg/r/AdDRnJ3gGR
Hi there!
Do you have a community, through which I could join your roster for probably 8/8N farm or HC progress, since 358 isn't enough for Mythic?
I ask this because all of my chars are on Twisting Nether (EU) realm, two of which are my money makers =]]
But I probably could just transfer my main, for a mature and reliable community, cause I'm simply tired of puging with average results, when I do my very best and a lot of times ppl simply aren't.
Open to WW+Rogue and will consider all ranged!

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