No one will cancel subscription

28/09/2018 10:42Posted by Kordysa
28/09/2018 08:32Posted by Kizira

Check out eso pretty good game these days

what he said, ESO, its even on sale now on steam for 10, much better IMO, i'm only level 15, gear is already fun, with effects on it and i can build my toon in so many different ways...a real mmorpg, not what wow is failing to do

Don't forget to ask your local werewolves for a bite, Low level Werewolves are the most overpowered crap that I have ever seen.
The only ones improving at Blizzard, by the looks of it, is the art and story developing department. Everything else? Just keeps degrading time and time again. And their insatiable ego renders them unable to admit that they !@#$ed up, which is the worst offender of them all imo.
I'd be all in favour of subscription cancellation including denial of access to the Forums, with immediate effect... so that those who vote with their wallet lose their right to voice their concerns. Never gonna happen, though.

Maybe read-only access... interesting thought.
Me and 2 real life buddies (players since 2005) already cancelled + uninstalled.

I have no problem canceling my sub because it's just a game i happened to waste some time with. If you genuinely have the feeling you cant quit because you lose something then its probably time for a psychiatrist.

Compared to launch my FL was dead the day I last logged in.

Western subscription holders are declining steadily since cataclysm but you can't verify cause they only release all regions sub numbers added together (for a reason) and china and its pay as you play model hugely inflates that Pool.

Even tho it's lovely written your OP is essentially debunked nonsense.
What are you on about OP?

I cancelled mine 15 days ago.
I have 7 years of time-out to proof that I mean it when I say I will unsub ;-)
Still I actually might have been away a year to long. Legion had been quite a bit of fun ... at least condensed into 4 weeks, when joining at the start of BFA.

Story seems good so far for BFA as well, even when many systems seem deeply flawed. I am not forced to eat up that !@#$, I can freely pick what content to play and what dosage I take in of that AP Grind and war fronts.

So basically, maybe I am going to unsub later during this expansion, but certainly not within the next 30 days.

What I am certain off is that I am not going to progress raid with a flawed loot system like we have right now. Personal loot is all fine and useless inconvenient. Now a progress raid needs to hand out all "crap" to players who have less ilvl, just to enable trading for them as well, mandatory loot 3rd party programs, etc

And with me not raiding, I am sure I will unsub much after than I used too, but overall? Game seems fine enough to play again and it should have been fine enough for vanilla players like myself since legion. Even with all that annoying AP and randomness of loot.
28/09/2018 06:34Posted by Valréan
especially when Wrath of the Lich King had 10 million active players?

And I think they are still below 6, but they have sold more than 3.2 million BFA copies, that's about the size of the vanilla release. Inflated a little by the way of their pre-order system, sure, it's I think save to say that the game today is roughly in the ballpark of vanilla. That's still rather huge.

EVE-Online runs fine (and longer than WOW) with just 300,000 subs.
29/09/2018 03:33Posted by Uzochi
28/09/2018 06:34Posted by Valréan
especially when Wrath of the Lich King had 10 million active players?

And I think they are still below 6, but they have sold more than 3.2 million BFA copies, that's about the size of the vanilla release. Inflated a little by the way of their pre-order system, sure, it's I think save to say that the game today is roughly in the ballpark of vanilla. That's still rather huge.

EVE-Online runs fine (and longer than WOW) with just 300,000 subs.

I think we are quite above vanilla levels but obviously not were it once was.

to be fair. Eve-online is not running fine. Actually the players number are going down and not too long ago they fired part of the their staff if i remember correctly. Unfortunately

to be fair. Eve-online is not running fine. Unfortunately

They fired stuff working on other projects, CCP is trying since a decade or so to create either other IP or build other games based on the eve ip. Little success in that and burning a lot of money which might have been better spend on eve.

Either way, they just got a huge cash influx again, sold out CCP itself and are trying again to build something else out of the eve ip. Basically a merge with an SK based developer.
Nobody wants to cancel their sub. They want to play a fruitful MMORPG.

Blizz has given an enormous player base a great amount of joy for many years, however in recent years certain individuals, figure heads for the company or not, have taken what was once a beautiful game into the dirt, and are dragging it through.

The annoying thing is, all they need to do is look back at the past to know what works.

If a game in the past had a stable 6+million subs ( a conservative number between earlier Xpacs ), and the game now is struggling to hold 4- million ( a liberal number based on unreliable log data ), then simply look to the past to bolster the strengths of today.

There are many great things about WoW still, but the arrogance / stubbornness of today's devs is drilling the beautiful game down into the depths for no good reason.
28/09/2018 13:18Posted by Arés

They have been merged since middle of TBC over 11 years nearly now and according to some bought out the best expac ever in WOTLK so your point is just another inane rant by you .

We have seen during WOTLK heavily budget cuts for WOW development, right after that infamous "blizzard developers can't tell the difference between bed and business sheets" and "I will make them understand and make them not have fun at work" from Activision CEO Kotick. Regardless of his real influence on the game, WOTLK was a peak point, but seems like it was a point with steep sub cancellations as well.
And in how insteady cata was, you can see some heavy panic reactions. It was completely inconsistent in difficulty based on users reaction during WOTLK and Cata itself.

So yeah, WOTLK was in development for the most part during the BC area. And it had beautiful and excessive questing areas, especially after the starting ones. They invested a lot of money into it, the tier 1 raid in form of nax was recycled sure, but it was tuned perfectly for beginners, meanwhile Ulduar and ICC both have a fantastic reputation and the only flaw on Ulduars track record is that lack of Mythic mode and offering instead hard modes, which for sure are less rewarding from a feels perspective.

But that's content most likely designed before the merge, because they must have had plans for ICC as it was their end point of the expansion long before and Ulduar itself was released iirc before the merge even.
@Tèsla: :D I am aware.
What is the whole point of this post? I did read it, and I dont get it... Ofc. I had a 5 years break after Cataclysm, came back at the very end of WoD, took a 5 month break in Legion right before ToS went live. Most players dont sit all day on the forums to just write how they will quit etc. We normal people just do it. If I get bored in a month or so. Ofc I will take a break, but I will not come to the forums to open a topic about me quiting.
28/09/2018 06:31Posted by Nizix
I wanna say hi to all player base on Horde and Alliance side and send them best regards. Well like the title said no one will cance subscription in this game . You can complain how much you want , you can give them ideas , argue in forums but at the end you still look in every day on this game and play over 5 hours min. Blizzard is holding you like dogs on a leash in park. You can bark at squirrels and at everything else but where your master is going and how he decides you guys go like that . I know many will say that I’m same and that I play the game , well I do , but I pay sub for gym and every month and last time I was in gym 4 months ago . I’m simply lazy to cancel because once in a month maybe I will play and I don’t wanna go always trough same proces. Those 17$ for sub I earn in less than a hour so I don’t give !@#$ about it . But my point is what’s the point of complain when you still gonna play , you know they not gonna change anything soon ? What’s the point? Even when you look at it it’s just a game first, then they care how they gonna get rich from you, and they tearing how far they can go . And I think no matter what they do number of subs will never go down .

Best regards my fellow gamers

well i am waiting for 8.1 then i will most likely unsub for good if they don't listen to the community and give us more than whats already on the table .

people are unsubbing all the time .. there is no way there is still 7million active players today like there was on BFA launch like mentioned above its more likely 2 - 4 millions at best..

thats a drop of at least 5 - 3million subs in a couple of months.. all speculation of course but you only need to log in to see that the game isn't no where near as active as it was a few weeks ago.

not to mention the forum has stopped bugging out which means lots of players subs ran out and they cant post anymore which is why the traffic is less on the forums.
@Darthtoon: Blizzard can not lose 5 million players in two months AND retain an 100+% activity increase compared to just a couple of moths before launch on servers such as Argent Dawn and Silvermoon. Post-launch activity drop is nowadays normal... but it is nowhere near on the scale you suggest. I took a close look at multiple activity graphs on WCR.

Here is just one example: Silvermoon alliance, July 2018, somewhat over 3 000 actives average at prime time, Silvermoon alliance, now, somewhere over 8 000 actives average at prime time. And I have to stress... BOTH of those values are too LOW, due to how the addon used to record them works. Just for comparison an additional note: Between yesterday morning and right now, I have seen 952 dark iron dwarves on Silvermoon. Of those, over 400 are in various stages of levelling up. It is quite unlikely that there would be lots of people with multiple DIDs... so on that note alone at least a 900+ players... and DIDs form only about 3% of my current .lua file content for Silvermoon alliance. Said file contains 7910 human entries in two days. Sure, lots of players have more than one human... but even with just those two races, the average activity level is easily double that of July.

The activity data simply can not support a loss of millions of players in such a short time... unless you can produce a reliable document accounting for China losing over 3 million players within the past... 44 days? Or provide reliable evidence that an average player on Silvermoon has at least eight humans on that server and played all of them within the past... 36,5 hours?

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