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The Maelstrom / Deathwing / Karazhan / Lightning's Blade
I’m currently in hospital waiting for surgery on my broken ankle, I’m gonna have a lot more free time for the next few months so I’m looking at getting back into raiding. I really enjoying progressing as a guild and would love to join a group of people who feel the same way.
What I can offer your guild:
Somebody who always reads up on class mechanics before raids.
Somebody who studies boss mechanics before raids.
Somebody who doesn’t click their spells.
Somebody who strives to be the best DPS they can be on the metres.
A cool dude.

I’m currently around 342ivl and retri. I should be able to login back into wow in a day or two, hopefully il get my operation tomorrow and they can send me home tomorrow.
Any further questions please let me know, I look forward to joining a new community! :D

add me :-)

For more info check here

current progress 8/8N and 5/8HC
Server: Ravencrest (Alliance)
Hello there,

I hope your ankle is getting better.

We are currently recruiting for <Verbally Violent> (The Maelstrom).

The plan is to build primarily friendships that will last a lifetime and secondarily have a cool social and raiding group!

Currently 5/8 HC Uldir and our raid times are Saturdays and Sundays, starting at 8 pm server time. All classes and specs will be considered.

We also do a lot of M+ and have some dedicated PVP members as well. If you are looking for old content achievements we got you covered.

Feel free to add me for more info.

Battletag Ivy#22895
Discord Ivy#6771

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