Hysteria Recruiting -3/8M and 8/8 HC Tarren Mill,Horde

Looking for Players – PvE
"Hysteria" is a newly formed guild on Tarren mill, horde. The guild was founded by four real life friends with the goal of overcoming mythic content while current on a 2 days schedule. We highly value a positive, fun and social guild atmosphere that work together.

Given the nature of the guilds leadership being real life friends it is safe to say we have a stable guild management. We have added players from our past raiding days to the roster so a great deal of the core have known each other and raided together for many years. Guild leaders have 2-3/8 M.

We are currently recruiting :

Dps – All classes

Raid days are Thursday and Sunday at 20:00 - 23:00 server time, with a possible extension of 20ish minutes if close to an important kill.

Outside of raids we look to create an active player base that will participate in various activities such as Mythic+ runs, occasional optional alt/social raids, pvp (rated bg, arena) and a lot of social banter in guild chat and on Discord.

Our website https://hysteriaguild.enjin.com

For more information feel free to contact Clarkz (Hawkins#2424), Meyhem (Mey#2705) or Ryex (Riggs#2962).
Small update. Mainly recruiting all dps classes.
Still recruiting all dps classes.
Roster is starting to fill. Still recruiting dps and 1 holy pala!
Still recruiting all dps, 1 holy pala and 1 mw monk.
All spots are filled except DPS - recruiting all classes.
Still looking for all dps classes! G'huun HC dead after 8 pulls!
Still looking
Taloc dead after 2 pulls with some pugs. Still looking for dps
Still need DPS to fill our last spots!
Still recruiting all dps!
Mythic mother down. Still recruiting all dps!
Mainly looking for Warrior,Warlock,Mage and Balance druid dps but all will be considered!
Still recruiting all dps for further mythic progress!
Still recruiting all dps for further mythic progress!
Bump - Recruiting all classes.
Zek'Vosh mythic down! Still recruiting all dps classes.
xDaeva#2333 - Hi, I am interested in joining the guild as a mythic raider. Can someone tell me more about this?

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