You know that you play too much WoW when...

When you order things from online stores and end up surprised that nothing titanforged into 10 additional items.
When you stealth to the office coffee machine and back.
When you calculate in your head how much gold one days wages will buy you with WoW tokens because your hourly wage will yield more gold than spending 1 hour making gold in game.
When you go to bed and start to watch wow videos on youtube.

give me a break!
You refer to your clothes as "gear" and work as "dailies".
When you try to Blink past all problems.
When you heroic leap into the bed.
When Azerite grinding makes working feel more fun to do than playing WoW.
You see a weird looking weed/plant and run over to pick it before it disappears... No? Just me?
Look at ppl and wounder what class/race they should been if they where in wow.

05/10/2018 17:07Posted by Lozzai
You see a weird looking weed/plant and run over to pick it before it disappears... No? Just me?

You´re not alone^^
05/10/2018 13:10Posted by Morra
When you exchanged your life goals for in-game goals that bring you no joy or satisfaction, yet you keep on going just because that's what your life has become.
The important thing is we still have goals, right...

Shut up Morra!!1!!1! Bad goblin, this is suppose to be a fun thread >:(
You have played the game since Beta and you have only made 41 posts because you play the game instead of posting on the forums.
05/10/2018 12:57Posted by Anarchy
When you go outside, see multiple people clumped together and have a strong urge to AoE.

I'm calling the police
when you become jaded to every and all changes the developers make to this game no matter what it is.
I once woke up in that state you are sometimes in between asleep and awake I decided to set my hearthstone to where I work so I could get up later..
it's called...
and is my constant state for playing..:)
you know it's time to go to bed when you couldn't stop your head falling onto the keyboard..ow..:s
When you are standing at the coffee machine at work, rolling with your shoulders and scratching your back. You will also know, your colleagues play too much WoW, when they /moo at you.
When someone walks up to you at a bar, and asks what the droprate of your pants are, and you totally get the reference, forget to get angry (for a second) xD
When zuldazar music plays in your head while you sleep.
You look to your top right for the mini-map.

You try to put follow on your IRL friends.

You forget to turn the sound on but hear it all anyway.
05/10/2018 13:14Posted by Egil
When most of your daily chores are ingame.

Underrated post.

I think its spot on.

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