H <Addiction> 3/8 M Darkspear LFM Ranged DPS.

Looking for Players – PvE
Hello there! This introduction to <Addiction> is to explain and describe us! in terms of what we ask for, what we're about and what you should expect from us is as follows.

We've been a tight knit community back all the way since Vanilla for some of us, but picking up the occasional "diamond in the rough" players throughout the expansions. It's a very relaxed but professional, and very often comedic atmosphere, meaning don't worry, we are human. We like to take the piss, enjoy the little things, the mistakes, the banter, the progress! We understand people !@#$ up, we understand %^-* happens, but we know that when it comes down to it we can focus with the task at hand, and show that we have the potential to compete.

With this in mind Addiction is looking for stable, mature, intelligent, and most of all consistent raiders. Focusing mainly on the role of RANGED DPS specifically warlocks and balance druids are in incredible high demand for us at the moment, but all ranged DPS specs will be considered.

we hope for new recruits to be there from the beginning and build up the bonds, the synergy, the general team atmosphere. All we ask of as a bare minimum is 360+ item level, provide logs from normal, heroic, or mythic preferably, and be able to raid 3 days a week Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday 8:30 ST - 11:30 ST. (Trials are required to have 100% attendance during the trial period.)

To summarise all of this, if people want the TL;DR of things is:

360+ Item level.
Provide Logs
able to raid 8:30 ST - 11:30 ST Tues-Wed-Thurs

What we will provide to you, our raider, part of our team:
A very professional, relaxed atmosphere with plenty of interesting characters to raid alongside with. (Best way of putting it across to people with what we're really like, you'll see what i mean... If successful :D).

What we're about:?

I think if you've taken the time to read through you'll get the Gist of how we function, how we like to run, And if you feel you'd fit in or at least like to talk some other details over then don't hesitate to contact either myself or any officer within Addiction.

Best wishes

Super melee friendly guild, tell all your melee friends about it!
Only ppl who parse lower than 15 please, else I'll look like a noob.
29/09/2018 23:37Posted by Skewer
Only ppl who parse lower than 15 please, else I'll look like a noob.

If you roast yourself with the truth it's just sad :/
Still looking for all the daddy druids and the big ol' locks!
Still looking for all the daddy druids and the big ol' C*ocks!
Dunno if you guys are still looking for people to play with, however I am poking my nose around to see if I can find a group of people to get back into raiding with.

I stopped playing a month after Siege of Orgrimmar came out and recently came back but the people I know only do PVP and no form of raiding so it's kind of a bummer, slapping a huge twatbag monster around was always rather fun.

I'd be looking for people who are quite lighthearted and don't mind joking around.

I'd be looking to either Tank or DPS for raiding, and would be happy to try healing in Mythic+ too.

Thank you for your time, it's appreciated. :)
Hey Hydrocat! Thank you for spending time to enquire about joining our guild. Unfortunately you don’t meet a lot of the requirements we asked for. Best of luck with your search and if you wish to further the conversation, add me on battle tag, where we can talk more,

thanks again!
Bump - Still looking for people!
Bump 3/8 M!

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