[H] <Liquid> Looking for pvpers!

Thunderhorn / Wildhammer
Hello Champions of the Horde!

Liquid was a pvp guild dating back to 16-11-2013 under the name of "PVP SUX WHENS LFR", shortly after in 03-12-2014 we name changed to Liquid to start our pve journey. Which has more or less come to an end now, since we are back to save the Horde in Wildhammer/Thunderhorn from the alliance its oppression!

We are trying to recreate our Rated Battleground team to push our rating and for this we need fresh blood!
At this moment we have a small base of players from Wildhammer playing with us and are currently around 1850 rating.

We are looking for more players to fill the ranks for the main rbg team but also for both casual pvp and pve.

PVP times:

Currently we have not yet established any set pvp days or times. We will try to do this in the future.

We are currently looking for:

While we do not reject any class at this point we are searching for some specific classes that are listed below.

  • Holy Paladin
  • Balance Druid
  • Hunter
  • Death Knight
  • Warrior

  • For more information

    Add me on Btag Instantkill#2395

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