WHY NO AZARITE-gear from dungeons or pvp

SO i opened my weekly chest and cleared hc raid in 2 hours on wednesday.

IS THERE no other way to get 370+ azarite-gear than this 2 hours content and mythic raiding? WAIT 1 week and cross my fingers again to get azarite-gear and then cross my legs also and hope for good traits???

What a joke, so I am now 377 max ilevel and still have 2 azarite gear that is 355 and just now upgraded to 360 but still.


P.S: Another problem, my chest in first ring has one decent trait for pvp and is completely useless in PVE. And the other trait is decent in PVE and useless in PVP. So should you reforge every time you do different content or whats the plan????
blizzard is liking how the system works.

try next week yo maybe you will reach the sweet 378ilvl
It's Azerite, not Azarite.
27/09/2018 16:36Posted by Savoren
It's Azerite, not Azarite.

The most common form I believe is "Azurite".
Because it's a way for them to increase the amount of people playing certain parts of the game.

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