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Twisting Nether
HI everyone.

I am a 5/8HC experienced holy paladin looking for a heroic (and later on maybe mythic) raiding guild on twisting nether. I have been raiding on several chars for close to 3 years got every curve since Archimonde. Unfortunately i do not have any mythic experience yet because i've been playing on a dead server since i started with World of Warcraft which has almost none really good guilds. so i made the decision to transfer and start fresh on twisting nether.
throughout Legion i mostly played alone but still managed to clear every raid on heroic in pugs fairly quickly

So i'm mainly looking for a Guild thats sitting on the same progress i am right now. I'm currently unemployed and have a lot of time to play so i don't have any certain raiding days I'm pretty flexible in that case.

I am more than open joining as a trail or sub untill I've proven myself.

Here are some noteable logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/id/36296333

If you're intersted let me know below so we can dicuss anything further
Hi Anxiety, if you still looking Our guild Risen is interested in DPS/Healers currently, and you sound like the right fit for us! we are sat at 6/8 Heroic Uldir progress and hope to push into mythic ASAP. We where formed back in Antorus and didnt get too much progress (3/8 M). Recently we have been pushing harder to achiv our goal of Cutting edge.
Inside and out raiding, we like to have lots of banter with each other, and have a good laugh. We also do lots of mythic +.

I wouldnt like to make this too long for you to read. But if this sounds like what your looking for then here is my Btag, Discord, and a link to our forum post for more information for you.

Battlenet: Connor#2509

Discord: Cowabunga#8270
Hello there, we would really need a Hpaladin for our raiding roster, hit me up at jackdaniel#2766. More info: https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17621281989

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