[H] Adorable 8/8Hc Recruiting For Mythic Raid

Twisting Nether
We're a new formed guild located on Twisting Nether Horde.

Strict 2 days raiding with optional 3rd day if required /close to a kill.

Raid Times
Wednesday 20-23 CET

Thursday 20-23 CET

Sunday 20-23 CET | Optional Raid day if required.

What we expect from a raider:
-Love raiding and min/maxing
-Full knowledge of your class inc. off-specs.
-Knowledge of the current tier.
-Strong attendance 95% atleast.
-Strong verbal and written English skills.
-A stable computer and internet connection.
-The ability to accept criticism without taking it personally.

The core of this guild is people whom played alongside each other in previous tier and expansions, with a deep and vast experience when it comes to endgame content /raiding.

We're a bunch of friendly and experienced players who have decided to form our own place to stay and raid with people who share the same attitude towards raiding and clearing current tier /content with a decent pace without having to sacrifice real life activities and a place for people who got a life outside this game.

Basicly our goal is to clear current content in heroic and then start Mythic without the need to add extra raiding days or whatnot.
While doing this, we also want to ensure that every member of our team still can enjoy real life on a daily basis without the need to sacrifice important real life activites.

Since we're only raiding 2days /week we've to make sure the time spent while raiding is used well! We require everyone to be knowledgable of their class and be fast with learning mechanics and be open minded for trying out new !@#$ if that'll make us kill a boss!
Beeing able to follow instruction and speak up when spoken to is a must.

Beside raiding we're also interested in high mythic+ keys and there's always someone who got a few alts to spare and up for making alt runs.

If you're also looking for a place to enjoy the content ahead of us and also share it with people whom also have the same attitude and mindset towards raiding then, don't hesitate to contact us.

Raiding is meant to be fun and a way to use the teamwork and conquer whatever the content we'll be given from Blizzard.
<Adorable> Recruiting as of 27/8-18 for Mythic raiding.
Thanks for reading thus far. If interested feel free to contact us below.

Recruitment Update 30/9-18
Warlock / WW Monk!

Even if your class aren't listed, don't hesistate if you feel that you got what it takes to replace one of the current raiders and fight for a spot!
We're willing to give people the chance to prove themself to make it into the team.

Mafysto - Mafysto#2439 [Guild Master]

Gwull - Kron#2904 [Officer]

Bakashinji - SpaceDandy#21702 [Officer]
Demon Hunter / Warrior seeking raiding guild.
Hey I'd like to join if possible 365 equipped 368 unequipped Assass Rogue that loves raiding ^^

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