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Hi everyone :P
With this new update on how all pets of same family have the same spec.... What kind of pets are u using in dgn?, i only have spirit beasts and they all tank... should i get a ferocity one for more dmg?
I use a cat when in dungeons and I have a bear for when I'm out and about in the open world.

I tried to get a Gnome as I've heard they can be extremely vicious when taunted about their height but so far not had any success with that.
Spirit Pet for lazy WQ's and dungeons where a healer might be slacking (I group with a friend who's a tank 95% of the time)

A Netheray since it has Nethershock which removes 1 enrage and/or 1 magic effect. (this should be the go to pet)

Chromaggy for when I feel like it.

And lastly a Krolusk when I need a tank whenever I solo stuff.

Also this post would've been better placed in Hunter forums as it would be getting more replies I think. ;)

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