So you don't like BFA...

Ok so the title is a bit bate-y. But I'm wondering what it is that BFA is lacking, or what is different from previous expansions that people would like to see return to the game?

Besides some of the features not working, what is it you'd like to see?
Something to do that isn't just a queue or instance? Why are the rewards of --->treasure<--- chests so pathetic. 9 resources and a nibbled-book that sells for 3 gold. Why not make chests fewer and contain items people would desire.

Why is there no reason to go out in the beautiful world? Why are there no mini-events going on? If Blizzard thinks all we want is to spam dungeons then they are wrong.

Why are they stripping any form of control from the player to keep you logged in more often? Sitting on a 285 chestpiece as a 337 ilvl character because good ol' RNGesus decided to not give you a chestpiece is garbage game design. Why is there no form of gear, albeit inferior to endgame content, buyable through a vendor. Why does stuff like that have to be introduced into later patches (like broken shore and nethershards).

Why is a 370 piece of azerite gear a downgrade often on your 355 piece? Why does this azerite gear exist in the first place?

Why are professions literally not worth the effort? Anything your profession could craft you is outvalued by the loot-pinata worldbosses and arathi rares, not mentioning warfronts.

Why did i go do a worldquest for a 325 ring only to have it titanforge to 370, aka i got a Heroic Uldir tier piece of loot for stepping on some eggs and killing 10 raptors?

I'm going to stop here. My post would be endless.

What i'm saying is; nothing matters. You get your gear, as easy as it is (BUT AT RANDOM), only to be upgraded by guaranteed loot and slotmachines. Then a month later a new patch rolls out and your gear will be inferior and not enough to participate in the new raids.

I get there are unfixable systems in place and that WoW can never be good anymore without copying previous expansions. But at least give us a reason to be in the world or to do something outside of instances. And let us choose our loot to some extent. Stop holding our hand with every step. I WANT to give this 355 to my guildie because my 345 has haste/mastery. Stop telling me i cant.
(The questions in this post are rhetorical. I know for the most questions why they exist or are supposed to represent)
04/10/2018 00:34Posted by Mildyborne
I get there are unfixable systems in place and that WoW can never be good anymore without copying previous expansions.

I never understand this, why is it wrong to copy good systems in previous expansions and further refine and polish them? You don't re-invent the god damn wheel everytime until it looks like this and say, we're done.
BfA lacks a goal, RNG killed it.
Take gearing for example, I can't aim for a piece or upgrade, I can't decide what to upgrade. I'll do a RANDOM m+ dungeon, to get a RANDOM reward which can RANDOMLY upgrade. I miss the days when I could grind Pit of Saron and buy a trinket I WANTED and needed for the tokens.
Then the neck? Whats the goal, sure I'll grind it, but it has no end, given that you replace gear oftenly.
Don't get me wrong, you can still gear, it just takes LONG if rng ain't with you, personally i got 8 pairs of 370 boots for Christ's sake...
In BfA, everything just happens RANDOMLY :(
Is easy mate main reason is... classes are not fun anymore for people who played them for long time.

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