<Comb of Sargeras> LF Tank and rDPS for HC and M prog!

Looking for Players – PvE
Guild: <Comb of Sargeras>
Faction: Horde
Region: EU
Server: Tarren Mill
Current Progression: 8/8N - 7/8HC

Currently looking for: 1 Tank (DK, Monk) and rDPS (bm hunter, mage, boomie and lock) to fill out our roster for HC and Mythic progression

Weekend Group
Currently looking for: 1 MDPS (Tank O.S.) - 3 Healers (1 Spot Healer, 2 Raid Healers) - 2 MDPS - 2 RDPS
About Us:
We are casual / casual-core group of people looking to find like-minded people to play with through Battle for Azeroth and beyond.

What can we offer?
Activity; Passion for the game; Knowledge about the game; Very friendly, cooperative and english speaking community; Willingness to do bunch of content outside raiding (daily m+ teams doing 8-10 Keys, tmog runs)
.. and memes I guess.

Raid times:
We currently have 3 raid teams (Core, Omega, Kappa) each raiding on different days.

(Server Time)
Core (8/8N, 7/8HC) Thursday, Monday 8:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Weekend (8/8N, 3/8HC) Saturday, Sunday 12:00 PM - 4:00+ PM
(“+” means optional progression after the raid time is over)

B.net: Willis#2465 (Core) Rownarck#2709 (Weekend)
Discord: Willis28#7045 Mr. Helm#9496
Still looking :)
Raising awarness
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Still recruiting. You may also reach out to me for more info. I'm available via bnet (Skyles#21942), Discord (Skyles#0802) or in-game (Kyrathil).

Would also encourage anyone thinking of joining to talk to our members and see how they're enjoying the guild, rather than just taking our word for it :-)
Still recruiting. We're edging ever closer to that G'huun HC kill and will be starting Mythic raiding very shortly.
We've had some recent additions to our guild, but are still recruiting the aforementioned roles.

Additional guild and recruitment info can be found in the below post which was made in the TM/Dentarg forums: https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17624422534
We're still recruiting!

The weekend Team's now full on Healers.
We have had some recent additions to our guild, but none that have affected the sought after roles mentioned in Snazleo's post.

Hit us up if you'd like to join the above raid team(s)!

More guild info's available through the link I posted the other day. :-)

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