The State of Twisting Nether

Twisting Nether
Hi fredde ur on the forums

Nel has world first longest time spent in ogre mar and snakub recently got challenger nice haha

I don’t like Theodora because of her bot in trade chat but she got me a mount once so I can’t be too mad

Where has glorious been? It’s been a long time since I’ve seen that loser

F R E D D E and F R E D D E T W O are the best guilds alive haha we are world wide. I got server first extract 100 oil from the fish and world first ulduar secret :)

This server is very lame since u guys are quite mean but I remember one time fredde sold 3x jade legs to gold coins for 500k haha then the price went down to 20k xd

Hey guys Studen here and today we are gonna be doing something new. We are going to start gold farming all stream and tomorrow and forever haha
Listen dude I’m sick of your toxicity. It’s time to man up and face me 1v1. I know you won’t because you have no honor smh

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