Most fun and most boring classes...

So "hello" from a complete newbie, joined last week. I used a boost on my paladin here, I'm really enjoying him as both ret and holy and am thinking of leveling up a new class from 0, just to try it.

What, in your opinion, is the most fun and most boring class in WoW at the moment in BFA?

Through reading online I would assume most boring to be DKs; wIth the most fun being outlaw rogue. But just from reading online. Thoughts?
The thing is, fun is subjective so my fun for example, could be the complete opposite to your fun.

For example I'm quite fond of the current DH iteration and find it very fun to play, hwoever I know some people who dislike it a lot and would rather play something like, a Mage or a healing Priest.

The best thing to do is to just look up videos of certain classes/specs you're interested in and go from there, maybe even using a class trial to test one out.
30/09/2018 09:44Posted by Akurenia

For example I'm quite fond of the current DH iteration and find it very fun to play, hwoever I know some people who dislike it a lot and would rather play something like, a Mage or a healing Priest.

It can start a discussion though, nothing wrong with that.
The best class Demon Hunters, the worst class priest
Some awful specs i tested out and hated:
-shadow priest
-outlaw rogue with slice n dice build
-arms warrior
-protection paladin (no interaction with resource bar whatsoever)
-marksmanship hunter
My top 3 most un-fun is:
MM hunter
Any DK
Any warrior

Aside of the MM hunter, it is popular spec's as you can see :P
So yeah fun is subjective.

Top 3 fun is:
SV hunter
Demo warlock (only takes second place because no dmg)
Elemental shaman (I love this class/spec so much, too bad its in the state it is atm)
Most fun:

most boring:
All of them
Paladin is most fun for me, so...
Fury warrior isn’t bad, at least for solo content dno what people are on.
Frost DK is apparently good, Blood got a buff and is good again. Never enjoyed unholy.
Feral druid might be ok now? Balance seems good, resto is awesome until nerf bat, guardian is super.
Monk I hear conflicting reports on all specs.
Rogue is apparently amazing but I find it too squishy.
Demon Hunter is probably very fun but they start at 98.
Hunter feels meh atm but survival is apparently fun.
Shamans are broken unless you wanna just heal.
Warlocks are kewl, fire many boom, demo neh, affli does damage but snorefest.
Mages are all the rage but I still find them squishy. Only fire is rubbish atm.
Priests just no.

Did I miss any? Depends on what you want really.
fun is subjective, like each class in the game
I don't know so much. But I prefer rogue and dk is really boring now.
30/09/2018 11:29Posted by Itamijoe
Most fun:

most boring:
All of them
Why you play the game?

Ret Pala
Holy Priest
Frost Mage

Not really fun:

DK :(
Warlock that isn't affliction
MM Hunter
Rogue for me
I like spell casters. Mage and warlock are top 2 for me personally.
As an ex arms warrior what i can say for sure is:

- frost: I hate the whole aspect of the spec, it's like a mele frost mage, nothing else, no skill required to play, just button smashing as far as I know...
- unholy: my favourite spec for DK, unfortunately it has been changed from WotLK... some mechanics are good, but others (like the wound mechanic) are just blizzard ignorance of it's own decicionmaking and their idiocity... they have changed rogues/feral druids combo mechaninc because of target swapping being a problem, then they brought out unholy wound mechanic -.-
The class is fun, but currently is one of the most complcated and attention heavy spec in the game after holy priest.
also rotation if messed up is extremely punishing, no other class, than DK has this much punishment for messing up rotation, resource generation is a hell
supposedly the PvP spec for the class, but around 5-6 specs/classes are poplar only for PvP now, others are at most mediocre.
- blood: has intereasing mechanics, but has a bit of resource generation issue like all the DKs, after you reach 18-20% haste, it is fine, one of the strongest tank specs currently, which is good, at least we have a safe PvE spec to pick to be squeeze ourselves into competition.

(from prepatch experiences)
- arms: boring rotation, got reduced into a semi-mobile dps bot, easy to kite in PvP, especially if you don't have a paladin to spam freedom on you, but is extremely op in any situation it has a healer and can go to wreck people... has absolutely zero self sustain, so in solo PvP it's a nightmare
- fury: close to blood DK in selfhealing, good for solo PvP and if you just want to mindlessly hack at people/monsters, its base rotation contains enough healing to ignore basic damage income and you have some serious short and long cd heal bursts with certain talent cobinations
- prot: just avoid it at all cost, might have some use in PvP enviroment cause of mobility and some other tools, but a DH tank outstrips it in practically every single aspect... is the absolute worst choice for PvE tanking.

priest (my alt):
- disc: has interesting rotation and talent combinations, you can actually chose between usefull talents which is extremely rare now for other classes, but has a bit weaker healing for single target for PvE and can relatively quickly run out of mana. It is a super strong PvP healer for any hard CC based comp as an extra dps, good cc toolkit and a unique (and overpowered) mechanic to heal party by dealing damage to enemy
- holy: jack of all trades in healing, you have mediocre toolkit for every kind of healing (cleave damage healing, aoe healing, raid healing, single target healing)
and it's the biggest strength and weakenss of the class too, it is probably one of the hardest specs to get used to because you have so much things to get familiar with compared to any other specs... one of the specs I'm intentionally avoiding certain talents, that give me another button, because I just can't find another keybind for it...
- shadow: after buffed damage, it is probably as strong as it was before, never played it personally, but it is certainly a good spec and has it's own possibilities.
30/09/2018 11:29Posted by Itamijoe
Most fun:

most boring:
All of them

the last time I had fun on all classes I played was in MoP.

gotta thank the 3 expansions of pure pruning.
Assass rogue.... maintain 2 dots spam mutilate and envenom.

Most boring class and rotation ever made in the history of wow
I personally find holy /ret pala fun, and most unfun would be arcane mage for me.
assa rogue has a very mundane and boring rotation and only one build where the only time it ever changes is due to stat prio changing due to new raid tiers etc.
If you like challenge go a caster.
30/09/2018 13:52Posted by Warferno
If you like challenge go a caster.

Do you mean if you dont like a challenge? Weapons dont even matter as casters.... its ez mode pleb
30/09/2018 13:13Posted by Hypxbruh
the last time I had fun on all classes I played was in MoP.

*on ALL classes

I remember how i tested other classes on PTR, saw that i did not like them because of many different reasons but i could saw how people liked that.

How and especially why do they change something that does not need to be changed, especially that heavily?

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