BfA trainer pet xp intended?

Pet Battles
I just defeated Ellie Vern in SSV and all the xp went to a level 1 pet. It got 2393 xp and went up to level 9.
I thought all max level trainers would give xp so a level 1 pet reaches level 11. I'm pretty sure defeating Ashlei, Vesharr, Aki the Chosen and Farmer Nishi(the trainers I do on a regular basis) all will level you pet to level 11.
Am I wrong about this? Do BfA trainers give less xp than max level trainers from older expansions?
Is this xp intended - does Blizzard not think pet battles are grindy enough as they are?
Tamers do not all give the same XP, though most of the ones from Mists onwards give 12.5X

Ashlei gives more.

Recently, on the Discord, Remte suggested that experience for BfA tamer WQs is the same as for Outland and Northrend tamers, which would be 7.5X.

BfA tamers are spectacularly easy, so it seems appropriate that their XP is somewhat less.

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