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Too little too late, subbed 5 more days and then its bye bye.
If this is true... then my patience will be rewarded.
03/10/2018 23:56Posted by Lore
so we’re investigating ways of hotfixing that directly into the live game

So it's about 1-2 months, right?
I can stand behind dropping from emissaries but as countless have said before. This is just annoying when it could drop from m+. Raids at this point are irrelevant anyway i dont have a single trait in Uldir thats good outside of Uldir. Just make them drop in m+
Thanks for sharing the information Lore.

But I can see several problems with proposed changes:

  • Getting the gear
    03/10/2018 23:56Posted by Lore
    The plan is to make Azerite Armor rewards from Emissary quests scale all the way up to 370 (based on your item level), which gives everyone a new, reliable source for appropriate gear. Further on, we’re looking at making some further improvements to the ways Emissaries reward gear, but getting more Azerite Armor in your hands is the higher priority for the immediate future.
    This looks nice, but if I understand emissaries correctly the type of reward they give is random. So unless you change that too we will get awkward situations where one faction/region gets a potentially very nice gear reward while other gets war resources or something.
  • Traits available on gear
    03/10/2018 23:56Posted by Lore
    When we add new Azerite Armor in what we’re calling “BfA Season 2” (starting with Siege of Zuldazar and its corresponding Mythic+ and PvP seasons), we’re going to add another outer ring to those pieces of gear that has two spec-specific trait options for each spec. This effectively means that your favorite traits will be available on a lot more items, while also opening up a lot more options across the scope of all of your Azerite pieces (and thus, we hope, create more interesting decisions).
    Honestly reading this my eyes glazed over a bit and I have only a faint idea what you're adding to what. Please don't confuse complexity with interesting choices. There is already a lot of options when it comes to azerite gear. But very few of them affect gameplay meaningfully, so it boils down to "pick what gives most raw damage", i.e. feed your gear to simcraft or raidbots and pick what they tell you. That's not interesting, that's a chore.
  • From my point of view the worst thing about azerite gear is the Heart of Azerite level requirements for traits. It feels terrible when you equip a new piece of gear and suddenly you have less traits unlocked on it. Or when you can't pick any trait at all.
Just make the Azerite drop from M+ and just make the droprate lower than regular armour if it is too farmable. Just give it a CHANCE to drop. I am doing MYTHIC ZEROES on my 363 character just to get a slightly better 340 piece. I got a 355 piece from Uldir but it was crap, got a 370 piece later and was only an upgrade due to the extra strength of the ilvl and got another and was even more garbage. I just want to target my pieces as the raid ones arent great at all for me.
Yay, so i get more bracers from new sources?? Seriously, All the 370 "random" dropps i get are bracers
So still no Azerite from M+? People who aren't doing high keys, are doing low keys or M0 and gaining the gear from that, appropriate to the content.

This 'solution' is just pointless, adding more options to outer rings is really low effort as well - then we're just forced to respec our pieces for each spec/activity.
We need more than one decent piece for each slot, since you decided to add the full RNG from legendary drops and crucible traits into one system, for some insane reason.

Glad I cancelled my sub yesterday, guess I'm sticking to it for now.
04/10/2018 00:18Posted by Sladewy

A player should not feel obligated to do one specific type of content to obtain azerite amor which is this extension "itemization big feature".
(think of legendaries, you could earn them by doing almost anything in the game, and they were even more powerful than azerite armor in my opinion)


How is letting them drop from somewhere else forcing players to do said content?
If you don't want to do m+ don't, if you're not high end raiding why bother doing content you don't like?
For Heroic content it's not like you can't go in there with 340 azerite pieces.

If you are high end raiding then you're gonna have to do m+ in any case, so why not get your BiS traits on an item with good ilvl as well?

Besides, as far as I can tell one of the biggest complaints with both legion and BFA has been the overwhelming amounts of RNG, they would pretty much fix that by making azerite drop from m+
Those are some solid changes coming.

I would suggest adding a weekly quest for Island expeditions that will give us a single piece of azerite gear, tied to the weekly completion that grants a flat 2500 ap.

As of right now I'm not really interested in doing content for azerite power only, and I'm probably not alone in this, as the catch up system will make what I farm today meaningless in 3-4 weeks.
While having another source of azerite gear would be nice - emissary rewards are just too random to be a good source of gear.
I dont think getting like 4th 370 head piece with poor traits is gonna be more fun than getting a 3rd weekly m+ belt in a row. All that while you want to upgrade 340 chest piece...
Very nice that Blizzard agree's with the community in that the system needs changes.

Also very nice changes! Gonna improve the system. :)
I like those changes! This is a good start of improving Azerite system and it can't come soon enough.

Main concern with those changes - RNG in Emisary.
For example from all WQ Azerite caches I got only 2 different pieces with a lots of doubles of those pieces.

To improve that - maybe it could be similar to conquest reward:
- Emissary quest have a slot piece as a reward (Head/Shoulders/Chest)
- Player can select which exact piece they will get when turn in Emissary
This way we are going to get at least one way to get Azerite piece without completely relying on RNG, and it'll be good.

There was a Thete Gaming idea to be able to buy Azerite gear by slot with Hydrocores/Tidalcores. But with restriction of only 1 per week. It's a really good idea.
Could be something like:
- You get 1 token from M+ cache
- quality of token determines ilvl of Azerite piece
- quality of token corresponds with highest M+ player did, just like items from M+ cache
- player need 1 token + 5-10 hydrocores/tidalcores for purchase
It'll be RNG, but at least player can target a slot. With restriction of 1 per week it won't be exploitable and it'll similar to raiding with 2 chances for Azerite piece per week.
Too little, too late.
I cancelled my subscription and this does not make me inclined to resubscribe.
04/10/2018 01:51Posted by Nimrhud
04/10/2018 00:09Posted by Messiaen
If you let them drop from M+, it solves the problem

Not for those of us who don't do M+.

Its not like they could just implement both to satisfy good and not so good players, why not improve qol for both playerbases
I can easily farm m10 with my main m+ group for azerite (key dependend ofc) but we all hate worldquests (srsly f wqs) we dont even care about emissaries anymore
It's still RNG , we still won't be able to farm Azerite Armor. This isn't a fix.

Just make them drop from mythic+ and add PVP Vendors that sell them for 500 conquest each so everyone is happy.
So here is my suggestion.

From your weekly chest provide 2 random items and let us pick the one we want.

If I get another 380 with Mastery I am seriously going to rage. Not like I dont have 8 pieces of prime Mastery gear already I cant use.
Well, it is a start at least...
Aaaand M+ will drop Azerite Armor?

I hope the levels accessing traits will be reasonable however I understand the need for making it a bit of a grind.
03/10/2018 23:56Posted by Lore
To start, here’s some of the bigger issues we’ve been seeing brought up:
[ul][li]Overall Availability: While there’s plenty of Azerite Armor in the 295-340 item level range, further sources are heavily limited and susceptible to bad luck. Even players who are doing a wide range of high-end content are still wearing at least one Item Level 340 piece, despite having replaced all their other gear several times over. Everything else about the system is basically irrelevant if you can’t get your hands on the gear in the first place.

This still locks it away for people because as you've said before, You have 0 control over what gets put as the reward, so we can still go days without seeing any azerite cache reward, If you made the World Quests also scale that would solve it or make them dropable in M+ as there are many traits from dungeons that are great for raiding/M+, Adding azerite items to the M+ pool won't change much, sure it makes farming another item bit harder but atleast it means i have a better chance of getting an item for a different style of playing. You guys say you want us to have different sets for other specs/playstyles, yet you guys continually shut it down by not having azerite as a farmable source

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