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Full Momentum a casual-hardcore raid guild are currently recruiting to replace some upcoming raiders stepping down due to time zone shenanigans.

We are a group of ex-hardcore players who have been raiding since Vanilla who can no longer commit to a hardcore raid schedule due to getting a bit (lot) older and having to do grown up things such as looking after our children, spending time with our significant others and concentrating on our careers. Eww.

For better or worse 75% or more of our raid group is from the UK which means that we raid at UK friendly times.

Server time:
Mon 21:00 - 24:00
Wed 21:00 - 24:00

We run an optional super laid back raid on Fridays at ~21:30 for people who don't enjoy using the pug system to clear heroic or just enjoy spending time on comms with a bunch of Brits who tend to be drinking, it can be quite entertaining if you enjoy a bit of banter.

As our average age is 30+ across the guild we tend to be focused during the raid times as we know we don't have a lot of leeway if we want to achieve cutting edge and the mount each raid tier, outside of raids we have a couple people who push arena ratings and several m+ groups.

We're recruiting a priest of any kind and a resto druid, but any application would be considered.

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Rïven - kaney#2562
Hive - H1ve#2648
Hornelius - revvy#2753
We're still looking for a priest!
You guys in need of a Hpala by any chance? if so hit me up. madflavor#2857
I'm currently looking for a guild.

Played since Vanilla just before TBC dropped and Raided up to MOP on different characters.
Since then I have basically drifted through each expansion dipping in and out as work and IRL dictated. I was looking for a guild for the community aspect and the chance to do content with others rather than the LFG system.
Regarding raiding I wouldn't mind trying again although if you get an applicant who can commit then take them as I know I wont always be available (best to be honest) Raiding has lost it appeal to me after WOTLK so its not a deal breaker.

Oh for what its worth I'm also from UK and unfortunately I levelled past 30 some time ago lol. The current guild is my own that all my characters are parked in but feel free to contact me if you need any more info
Just bumping for visibility, we're full on melee had a couple of ranged disappear last night.
Bumping again, ranged dps
We have a couple spots for our core raiding team, considering a number of classes/specs so please get in touch!

Ur guild description sounds very appealing to me as I’m an ex hardcore TBC raider. Besides that, I played on-off casually in most xpacs and focused on high lvl arena during MoP (2,6k+). Im also 30-years-old and have a fulltime job plus a private life which leaves me with limited time to play WoW. However, I still spent a significant amount of time min-maxing, including siming my gear options, talents, reading guides, watching streams, etc.. Therefore, Im looking for an environment with likeminded people to progress and learn together.

I resubbed to WoW around a week ago to step back into WoW PVE. Therefore I started a new Horde hunter (all my chars before were Alliance as these was the dominant faction for pvp in earlier xpacs) as it’s the superior PvE faction. As my hunter is rather fresh on 120 my ilvl hovers at around 340 right now (Im progressing at 2-5 ilvl/day but that might slow down now due to limited access to raiding/puging right now without any groups). Needless to say I have very limited to no experience in the current raid tier, still have to get used to my DPS rotation and further gear up. Therefore, I will not be a big help in mythic progression in my current state. However, due to my past experience and min/maxing nature (I hold a phd degree in chemistry btw) im catching up quickly and will become useful.
If you are interested in my persona besides these downsides please give me a call :) Punix#2151

P.S. As I’m new on my hunter anyway, I would be willing to change to any char/spec that is currently required!
4/8M now - still on the lookout for top ranged dps and a priest healer (disc and holy).

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