[H] <Saves The Day> [2/8 M]

The Maelstrom / Deathwing / Karazhan / Lightning's Blade
Saves The Day are currently recruiting ranged dps for our mythic progression team. Please whisper me in game or send me a DM on discord if you are interested :)

Are you bored of bouncing from guild to guild gradually having to try and fit in with a new group before an officer or GM decides to chuck it in and it all goes down the pan?

Saves The Day is the longest standing raiding guild on The Maelstrom, we have been around since vanilla and our core raiding group has grown every expansion.

While we may not have cutting edge in all raids, we work towards progression and player improvement with a belief that loyalty is one of the core points of being in a guild in this game. Because of that, the more you play together the more information a newer player picks up from more experienced players.

So whether you are looking for a guild that is working towards progressing Mythic, you have plans to raid Mythic in the future, are looking for a new guild for BFA, that offers the flexibility of re-rolling, or are just looking for a social guild with a regular casual raid at the weekend, Saves The Day is here for you.

If this post interests you please leave a message below or contact either the GM or one of our recruitment officers in game or on discord;
- Fink#5821 (GM)
- Maester_Bones#3306 (Cowheals - Recruitment Officer)
- Gwarp#0522 (Recruitment Officer)
- htidredneck#1908 (GM)
- chadders#2711 (Recruitment Officer)
- Burny#2151 (Recruitment Officer)

I look forward to chatting to you all soon!
Still looking for ranged dps, send me a message :D
Now 2 of 8 and working on Zek'Voz. Could do with a few reliable DPS so send me a message :D

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