War Campaign Opinions?

Hi guys,

What are your opinions on the war campaign? Of course the lack of voice acting sucks but what really bothers me is that it seems to be in it's own story bubble.

I've only completed the alliance version, 1st quest.. Why not kill Tae'thelan rather than the random High Examiner they've stuck in? When Gallywix came along its obvious before the quest even starts that he won't die. The san'layn.. Cool concept but again, low stakes, we've never heard of this particular prince before and he rises and falls in the same arc.

I'm aware it's not over yet but so far I think it's missed some potential, what do you guys think? Would love to hear if the Horde version is much better.

(To be fair, I do look forward to these missions coming up, I just think they could have been more interesting than what they are).
Commenting from the horde side from someone that isn't that interested in the lore, so i'll just give an opinion on the war campaign from the playstyle PoV.

I hate the fact that it's hidden behind a REP time-gate. I wouldn't mind the mission table time - gate to be there, but rep time gates make me so mad, since every rep was farmable from 0-exalted if you wanted to grind it till Legion came.

Also, War campaign is pretty much really dumbed down Legion class order hall campaign. I personally don't like it one bit. The whole quest without the WQ rep grind takes about 1.5 hours to complete.

I hope it gets better and more diverse in the upcoming patches.
08/10/2018 16:30Posted by Dailen
I'm aware it's not over yet but so far I think it's missed some potential, what do you guys think? Would love to hear if the Horde version is much better.

The Horde version is so much better. It also suffers from a lack of voice acting and boring gameplay, but there's a bit more meat to the story. Some interesting stuff actually happens (won't spoil it :P). So it's a passable experience overall, but it still has that feeling of something that had the potential for a lot more.

The Alliance side is just awful. It's pure garbage.

Just generally speaking, the expansion is just hands-down a higher quality game experience on Horde side.
only part i liked was the attack on boralus to take the scepter
the video of you holding it to burn 3 kul tiras ships
Because rep gating i cant remember anymore what is going on time gating in my opinion is just absolute fail design on questlines its the same crap as tv series were with to be continued crap every week.
I found them extremely dull, the Horde one was the better of the two but both of them were meh.
Alliance war campaign is really boring.

They throw you against some emo gnomekilling elves for absolutely no reason, why not use new allied races.

Absolutely no explanation of sethrak/vulpera.

There is part where they show you some corruption stuff about ghuun, but nothing about Uldir, considering its Brann again who is poking around its kinda lame.

Horde gets to assault Kultiras, get their hands on bunch of interesting things that will probably be important in future campaign ...

When I am playing as alliance, I have no idea why we are even there, campaign doesnt explain anything, you never get near anything important, hey you know horde pretty much "raided" stormwind and burned half of it? Not a mention from anyone during whole campaign + all quests in kultiras.

Only good thing is that we can now ship Kelsey and Rambo ...
Completed it weeks back. Literally couldnt tell you a single thing from it now. Not memorable at all.
Alliance one was horrible. It felt like a one of a thousand kill 10 gather 10 quest done for a noname npc.
human potential and nelves die again thats what i remember felt like a loss so.
08/10/2018 16:30Posted by Dailen
it seems to be in it's own story bubble.

It does, and I don't like the campaign at all.
08/10/2018 16:55Posted by Jito
The Horde version is so much better

I really need to get my Horde up soon, to see their side of it all!

So, anyone know how Draenor is doing atm? The server obviously! I made the major mistake of creating my Horde(s) over there.
45 minutes of average diced up into forgettable pieces. If they'd taken place in a leveling zone, I would've forgotten all about them by now.
The lack of voice acting was jarring, considering it's been done so well since Cataclysm.

Nothing much relevant to plot or characters happened, though everything with Lillian Voss was cool.

Gameplay was okay, but wasn't all that enganging. The part where you look around for a certain corpse was fun.

Overall, a bit short and disappointing, sort of like the less memorable class campaigns in Legion.

Only done the first 1/3 of the alliance campaign, so can't comment on that yet.



As most things this exp.

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