Hpriest and M+ is it possible?


I am wondering if it is possible to push HIGH keys with the HPriest otherwise I will have the same problem that I already have with my Rshaman. Nobody, wants me in their party for M+ :(

I know the easy way is play as Disc, but it is not my cup of tea.

I switch between Hpriest and Disc in m+, as i like to have experience in both specs. on some weeks Hpriest come ahead of Disc. especially the current one, as Grievous i gives them a hard time.
I think the problem you have with your Rshaman atm, is cause of the overall bad look on shamans since launch.

Overall, Doing decently high keys as Hpriest isn't a problem, haven't been turned away yet for being Holy.
What do you mean by high? I am having no problems at 7-9 and am sure I can do a bit higher. However if you are talking +15 and above I believe we are not competitive there.
We lag behind more and more the further you go above 11+.

It doesn't help that our only utility is Holy Word: Chastice.

It's also not fun, since the gameplay eventually ends up boiling down to spamming Flash Heal and being a lackluster Paladin with Trail of Light. We've had all our power taken away from what made us unique and put into the Holy Words, so when they are on cooldown everything else feels really weak.

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