Challenger sets from MoP and WoD

So ive been talking to alot of different players who have the Challenger set from MoP and Challenger weapons from WoD, they all say the same when I ask em, that they think that it should be possible for new players or older players who have commed back from a long time of not playing, to be able to optain the looks for Transmog. Is there any chances for any ways for us to optain the looks? My idea is like you have the timewalking events, that when its WoD or MoP timewalking u are able to que up for the challenge and then like in a normal timewalking u get set back to that level and your gear gets scaled down to fit. What do you think about that Idea?
I Totally agree with you , back in MoP ive done all challenge mode dungeons on my druid , and in WoD ive done them all on my shaman.

Now the best part : they added an item to the vendor outside the auction house in stormshield ( since ive played allaince back then ) you could buy an item that allowed you to unlock every single weapon look you could buy for a certain gold amount.

If only they would implent this same idea , but this for the MoP challenge mode vendor.

I'd Love to be able to use the challenge mode sets on all of my alts even tho i completed the challenge modes:Gold dungeons on one character back in the day.

So long story short: Please make MoP Challenge mode sets account wide by just adding a extra item to that vendor which allows you to instantly learn all sets whenever you have completed all MoP challenge dungeons on one toon!.
so many payed $$ for this anyway, it lost its prestige when people could buy a run for 20 USD.
Challenger sets from MoP and WoD

just create a vendor, so we can buy it out for 100k + i dont care about the price, just make a vendor in-game or sell it from blizzshop. We need more transmog gear/weapons like that. #blizzard
No need to return them. They allow to make more unique transmogs.
This idea is always up and im sure if blizzard will do things like this, put removed content back into the game like the challenge mode items, it will kill the game.

Players they want the items in the game because that guy in boralus harbor had an awesome item i dont got and cant ever get. We already have t3 and alot of unique items from the black market, players need to stop being jealous on others.
If you didnt play in MoP why do you even deserve them because you didnt play? Then i deserve alot of unique vanilla items, that are removed, only because i didnt play?

And if you played in MoP and didnt do them, thats just ur own fault stop being butthurt over items you cant get, focus of the items you can get and enjoy the game.
As someone who obtained this on their rogue back in MoP, I don't like this idea.

You have plenty of mog to choose from currently, let us keep our hard earned stuff.
Was bad enough when legion come out and they did a reskin of the challenge mode armor via order hall :S
It's a terrible idea.

The whole point of it is to make it unique to push players to get it while it's still current, because back then it was a challenge, and it actually felt like we, the people who have the sets, earned it.

And on top of that they are unique sets and weapons (from WoD). If we stick to you idea, next thing you know half of the Alliance (or Horde respectively) is walking around Boralus or whatever city with the gear and weapons.

I love the Greatsword of the Inferno, don't use it for all my mogs but I do, and it's so rare that when I see someone with it it actually surprises me and makes me happy, I don't want to see every damn Warrior/DK/Paladin running around with it, same goes for other weapons and sets for their respective classes.
While i agree that bringing them back to general population is a bad idea and would destroy the feeling of achievement that you did back in the day, i wouldnt be against to making it available to the players that have at least one set.

For example i have the warrior and warlock sets, but i really liked the mage or death knight ones. Since i proved that i completed the achievement id like a way to have the sets of the rest of the classes, just like WOD weapons are account wide all my alts can use them
I’d like if they were still obtainable. Could be by defeating challenging content, like a high M+. That would be cool and still symbolise the same importance.

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