No Polished Pet Charms Today???

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Logged in today only to find there are no missions and world quests that reward Polished Pet Charms. Cmon Blizzard, I have to get HUNDREDS of these charms to buy all the pets, at least let me farm the charms every day?
I haven't logged in yet, but according to

there are two WQs with charms today?

You need 5100 charms to buy all pets. Plus 1000 for the Portal, and any incidentals you need for stones. More about the arithmetic of that here:

The devs seem to want us not to be able to buy all the pets in the first couple of months. I can kinda understand that. Over the course of the expansion, though, there will be plenty of charms to go round. I'm up to about 2000 so far, and I've only levelled one alt, and that was late, so don't panic! :)
I think the quests are on a 24 hour timer? Because I didn't get any with pet charms.
We get 2 quests in the morning at reset that last 24 hours, and 2 quests in the evening 12 hours later that also last 24 hours.

So if you log in once per day, always at the same time, you always get 4 quests per day. I approve of that.

How many of those quests reward Charms, though, seems to be a matter for RNG.

From the timing of your post, I think you must have logged in before the new quests with Charms appeared this evening. If you log in now, you should see them in Vol'dun and Drustvar. They will be available until 21:00 server time tomorrow.

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