What's your perfect mount?

My perfect mount would probably be a toss up between the Swift Moonsaber or the Sunreaver Hawkstrider.
Interesting topic.

So, i personally use mounts, that fits to me. Which is in my case Draenei. I'm using Elekk and for flying Fey Dragon.
Luminous Starseeker is my perfect mount. I love it cause its small in size, colourful and the wings are hidden when riding on the ground so it looks like a ground mount when running on the ground but transforms into a flying mount when the wings appear.
The fox is my current go-to mount in BfA.

I also really like the sabers, the winterspring one in particular.

I read somewhere we get new sabers in the next patch so I am excited about those.
For me, it's always been the bear mounts!
I always loved proto drakes and the TLPD is my favourite one, it feels special to me.

When I'm forced on the ground I prefer hyppogriphs. They look nice and have a smooth running animation + cool idle animations. I love the new Teldrassil Hyppo, very nice colours. It's my favourite mount right now in BFA.
1. Shock & Awe:
Smoldering Ember Wyrm (the best dragon ever).
Lightforged Warframe (smooth long distance flights, great /mountspecial).

2. Herb & Ore:
Grinning Reaver (so easy to drop down for harvesting nodes, grips the rocks),

3. Speed & Cuteness:
Lil' Donkey (supersonic ground speed [illusion], /mountspecial drinks from water).

Any Flying Carpet (friction free flying, ground hugging, silent).

5. Honourable Mentions:
Sunreaver Dragonhawk (gorgeous, understated luxury)
All the Kodos
(only when ridden by Belfs
(boom boom boom like a drummer feels so fast and you're so tiny) :)
Ashes of Al'ar (beautiful but will give you a headache after 10 minutes)
Pureblood Fire Hawk.
I prefer smaller mounts that can fly. Think any flying horse, hippogryphs or the mage class mount. Those are the ones I always come back to after I get tired of a new mount.
28/10/2018 21:36Posted by Felìx
For me, it's always been the bear mounts!

I totally forgot I have one bear - from the opposite faction leader raids. Dunno why - I also ignore it. It's not even in my favourite mount list. Perhaps I should give it a try in-game.
Starcursed Voidstrider aka void elf race mount. im loving it
Depends on the character.

On my main I adore my ZG tiger and my Red Manta from TBC rep.

On my female mage BE, it's the flying carpet.

On my Goblin DK, I'm thrilled with the Dune Scavenger mount.

Invincible is my go to mount. Its cool looking and most importantly its compact. I hate it when i get stuck on doorways and other obstacles if i use one of the bigger mounts like drakes and mammoths.
28/10/2018 21:36Posted by Felìx
For me, it's always been the bear mounts!

Expecially the Big Battle Bear! He's the best one imho. Without all that armour and goggles and stuff. Looks a bit outdated though.
Mine has to go with the character and the outfit.

My gnomes do pretty well on a flying carpet.

Warrior in glorious armour - Red swift Elekk

Shadow priest gnome ground - Tundra Mammoth with giant growth.
It's huge and it's black ^^.
High priests seeker. Perfect size, unique, doesn’t take up loads of space in instances, but has beautiful wing animations when flying. Love that mount.
Perfect mount for me would have to be the Goblin Hot Rod with its funky radio but sadly you can only enjoy in the goblin starter area. I think the hot rod (or a design similar) would have made a fantastic 3-seater Blizzcon mount. I'm forever hoping players will one day be able to drive around the whole of Azeroth in one! :)
I really like the warforged nightmare and the jewelled panthers for flying and the shado-pan tigers for ground mounts.
From the moment i obtained it i only use my class mount for both ground and air travel. It fits the classe's theme and lore perfectly with it's quiver, traps, satchels etc.
A huge flying carrier, that carries all important NPCs such as auctioneer, prof trainer, mailbox, xmogger, material vendor etc. With ability to swim fast, picking up herbs and mining. This was my first thought after I heard about auctioneer mount and I kinda liked it.

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