Request for New Ghost Wolf Forms

So, I've rolled a dark iron shaman but the ghost wolf form doesn't really suit her. My current choices for glyphs aren't really any better, so how about we get some more?
How about the core hound mount model but see through with an orange glow? Maybe a talbuk in ghostly purple? There are plenty of creatures in the world who have decent models, so it would be nice to see some more choices be available.
You know what I was thinking when first I saw Hati? :-D That is the perfect ghost wolf form. The lightning effects etc....and imagine, making glyphs where you can have a version from each element? :D Or like the classhall mount, a version per spec?
Yeah, I always wanted to look like this mount:
(without the saddle of course, I mean, we are not druids ;) )
With so many races now being able to be shamans and with every races having their own totems, I think it would be nice to have more variants/glyphs for ghost wolf.

I really like that Storm Wolf we get from our lightning shield, having for example lava wolf for dark iron dwarves or ele shamans would be epic.

PS: Bring back inscription, warlock has cool reskin for every demon and enha cant even use the earth elemental glyph ... even reskin for ascendance would be nice.

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