How to beat DHs as fury is 2s?

I'm having a very hard time playing against DHs in 2s. They do a lot more damage than I can and I don't seem to be able to make any pressure against them. Is it only me and am I doing something wrong? any advises?
Depending on the healer, focus on their partner so they can't double stun and cleave you.

Leverage Fury's superior sustained pressure to force the DH to peel for their healer. At this point you can then cleave both of them. This requires you to have faith in your healer. Of course you can still help out your healer at times, if they're being trained and need help.

Beware of Blur. It has such a low CD, and you aren't going to do much damage while it's up. Potentially use stun on them if they're low and you're going for a kill.

Remember you can choose to use your interrupt on the DH's Eye Beam to reduce incoming damage.

If both melees are just attacking each other and not the healers, you can spec into War Paint and such to reduce the incoming damage and leverage your self heals.
is by ignoring him

focus there healer , you are !@#$ed if the healer is resto shammy or good resto druid
you have to be good at sticking on his partner and not getting CC/slowed and soon the DH will have to come back to help healer , this is when WW cleave comes into play

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