The Demons Within are recruiting

<The Demons Within> are recruiting like minded and casual players with an interest in HC raiding and key pushing. We are a chill raiding guild who aim to complete curve and continue raiding in 8.1.

We run mythic+ runs daily and also hold social normal raids every Friday on top of other in game events.

We consist of many players from all walks of life with the age bracket between 16-50, thought most of us are in our late 20's and we follow a strict RL comes first policy. We have alot of members with families or jobs so due to this alot of us are mostly active in the evening or on the evenings.

We provide a welcoming environment to all new members as well as an active guild and discord chat, where helpful advice is always given when asked. Including raid guides and M+guides are also listed within our discord channel.

Our raid nights consist of our two main HC raid nights which are on Wednesday and Sundays. The Wednesday raid starts at 8.30st-11.00 and the Sunday starts at 8.00st-10.30. We then hold a normal raid night on Fridays (8.30st-11.00) where all social raiders or those new to the raid scene are welcome to participate in. We aim to help those that are looking to raid by helping with gear runs through M+ which in turn help us create a strong overall team

We are currently looking for more DPS to join our main HC team as well as DPS with either an off-spec tank or heal spec.
However we are welcoming all social, causal players to our guild family.
If this is a guild you are looking for then please contact the following members of the guild :-
Thank you and happy gaming!

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