Rogue or mage ?

Hello everyone,

I'm looking for a new dps class.

I'm mostly interested in pve, casual pvp and solo scenarios.

Which one is better ?
I have a sub Rogue and a frost Mage and can’t decide which is better - one is melee and one is ranged though - guess it is down to how near/far from the mob you want to be :)
I'd say Rogue. Nice mobility, fun toolkit & a good class for what you are looking for.
Casters like the Mage take a little getting used to & feel pretty restrictive movement wise until you get used to tiptoeing.

Ultimately it comes down to what you enjoy playing.
I enjoy mobility so I'm obviously going to lean towards Rogue.
Been doing a lot of random bg's and a well played rogue is lethal. Ive no idea which specs im fighting against, I assume when there are in and out of stealth that'll be subtly?? Doesn't matter as I said they are all lethal.
if You go mage just avoid arcane
11/11/2018 21:40Posted by Telriem
if You go mage just avoid arcane

Yeah avoid the spec that's pretty much been top single target dps since bfa came out. And constantly fighting/close for top spot when another class does slightly overtake.
The question is do you have a brain or not?

If you do, go Mage.
If you don't, go Rogue.
Get yourself one of each, I know I know you only asked for the one but they are sooooo different and both are amazingly fun to play.

All I can recommend is go sub for rogue it's the fastest and the most fun and for mage go arcane it's and original feeling spec and again is amazingly fun.
11/11/2018 21:25Posted by Faolanhart
I'd say Rogue.

11/11/2018 22:15Posted by Ájmage
The question is do you have a brain or not?

If you do, go Mage.

11/11/2018 21:40Posted by Telriem
if You go mage just avoid arcane

11/11/2018 22:30Posted by Dragonsworn
for mage go arcane

There! Glad we could clear that up fer ya. :P
I belive that raids will be easier as Mage since you dont have to hug the boss like melee do. Still rogue have easier time in Warmode thanks to stealth. But mage have free food and portals to all places across the world as fun utility~ Orcourse you can make Dark Iron and use Mole Mashine teleports if you can survive having useless blacksmithing racial ( I could not, one reason for dumping my blood elf with enchanting ). Overall~

Personal Taste

I would make a Rogue
Go Rouge!
We are invisible and we have grappling hooks. That's all you'll ever need.
if you want big d dps go rogue if you don't care not being on top of the dps charts go mage
I am more PvP player but I do some Pve Also.

Yet for leveling this rogue i picked mainly PvP leveling with some Random Dungeons.

Kinda love rogue and the way you can play him. If you are smart, you can do alot.
So comment if you got brain go mage is kinda dumb.

There will be plenty rogues who are average or bellow(without brain), same goes for mages and you will notice the difference from skilled player or just player in both classes.

frost mage isn't useful at the moment

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