Transmog droprates too low?

I need a cloak that has around a 5% chance of dropping from a world boss I can only loot once every 15 weeks. The cloak is not some amazing cloak with special effects or anything like that. It just happened to be the only cloak that fits with the mog I'm building.
When it comes to mounts, which are highly detailed and often completly unique, I can understand insanely low drop rates. Random pieces of low level gear though? It seems unfair and a bit absurd that if you want f.ex. blue pants with grey lining then it's an easy quest to kill 10 mobs but if you want blue pants with red lining you're lucky to get it within the first year of farming.
I think that many of the items from previous expansions should have their dropchance buffed.
i agree on the world boss drop rate.

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