BG - honour points

I just finished a temple of Kotmogu.

    No death,
    19 honorable kills - highest score as 5 other team members
    1st horde healer
    1 orb possesion from start to end - 2nd highest score on Victory points

As a result I have 359 honour gained - I am the one before last of the wining faction.

8 team members have above 500 honour gained.

I have no clue why my honour gained is nearly 30% lower than others.

Are there any rational explanations to scoring system ?
I think there is still a bonus honor for winning first bg in a day.
most likely because you won another one earlier
You were right. The 150 points of difference are from there.

I did not think that the bonuses would been shown in the score board as they do not have anything to do with the bg in itself.
their to lazy to calulate it differntly so they just add everything up and drop it on the board.

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