Just give us free instant level 120s already

i would rather they cap us at 100. We make progression by gear, not character lvls. People will do quests for gear.
14/11/2018 10:53Posted by Lilîith
why not ? each of last 3 expansions they given any player a very fast catch up mechanic in form of instant max level (from previous expansion )

so by now anyone should use it on at least 3 toons (1x90 1x100 1x110) - which gives you at minimum 3 toons which skipped most of leveling . if you played game.
3 boosts over 3 expansions is nothing, specially if you are an altoholic.

They changed the game so much that the bulk of their main audience is only here for endgame. As an altoholic you'd have to drag a lot of characters through a leveling process that they have neutered to the point that you don't even realise that you are 'questing' anymore. Its just a mindless blur. And that is not exxagerated either. You don't need to read quests and questing is completely reduced to following an arrow. At least until lvl 90-ish. From WoD and up things start to vary a little bit again.

If you promote your game as 10 levels + endgame you have to see to it that people can reach that part of the game in an acceptable amount of time and preferably without burning out from boredom along the way. And no, people don't need 120(+) levels to 'learn their class' ...
14/11/2018 10:53Posted by Lilîith
i strongly feel that people who want leveling nerfed so much are simply jealous of altoholics for putting that much effort into leveling over past 14 years.
I am an altoholic myself and focus mostly on lower levels and professions and not on endgame. When i look how the dumbing down and the streamlining has turned the first half of this game into a un-cohesive meaningless slog i often wonder why they don't just remove it alltogether and be done with it.

Its like dragging your own waste along on a long trip and it keeps getting heavier as you get further. Its pointless and i can imagine a little bit embarrassing from a developers point of view as well, imo.

For me personally the scaling made the lower levels a bit more fun again. But i can imagine that if all you want is endgame the boring slog you have to suffer through can be a deal breaker.
14/11/2018 10:53Posted by Lilîith
that said im glad they are reverting leveling changes they made in 7.3.5 because leveling post changes was abomination because of how slow it was.
I assume you mean the XP increase, yes i agree to that.
14/11/2018 10:53Posted by Lilîith
now we are back to original leveling speeds from past few expansions so iits gonna be ok .
No, i don't think its okay yet, far from it imo. It's a bit better but still a pointless dead weight.

At some point adding 10 levels to an already boring slog doesn't cut it anymore and then you have to come up with a better solution to close the gap. Maybe an alternate superfast leveling scenario/route of a few hours that tells the entire story from lvl 1 to whatever is current expansion in a cohesive way?

I understand that 'working' for something makes it more worthwhile but not to the point where you dislike your preferred entertainement more than your day job. :)

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