[A][Ravencrest] A Void Dance 2/8M 8/8 HC Recruiting!

Looking for Players – PvE
A Void Dance is now recruiting!

Who are we?
We are an upcoming raiding guild over on Ravencrest Alliance that is building on the foundation laid by the core members that moved here from Outland to create a guild that would be able to have a decent progression while also enjoying the social aspect of the game by building a proper community.

What are our goals?
Moving to one of the biggest Alliance servers allows us to strive for more, and our aim will be to get to a point where we can have a decent mythic progression on a relaxed schedule of two progression days per week.
Although, as this is just the start of our journey, we have decided that a reachable goal for our humble beginning would be to clear heroic in the first couple weeks while also preparing to set foot into mythic into this new expansion.

When are we raiding?
Our raid schedule will be composed of a total of three days:
- Two progression days – Wednesday and Monday from 20:30 to 23:00;
- One farm night – Thursday from 20:30 till 23:00 when we will clear a lesser difficulty of the raid, Normal or Heroic Depending of what we are progressing on at the time.
We expect you to be able to at least attend the progression nights on a regular basis.

What are we looking for?
The right kind of player, as our belief is that a competent and respectful player is better than someone that is elitistic and toxic, but we would prefer the following:
- One WW Monk;
- One Balance Druid;
Other roles might be considered but are not a priority at the moment.
As we are already 8 weeks in the raid we expect you to bring at the very least Item level 365 and 7/8 HC with logs.

Where can you find us?
Whether you got a question or feel like joining us, you can whisper us in game on Ravencrest EU at:
- Traendithas (Battle.net: SvenKuber#2375; Discord: SvenKuber#2724);
- Glâss;
- Frâgile;

Looking forward to seeing you in game!

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