Real reason for high reforge costs:

Yea so I think I just figured out the real reason why they didn't want us reforging so much.

Their reason was:

As to the point about reforging costs: these costs get so high because we want the behavior you're describing -- reforging constantly depending on what you're doing -- to be unsustainable. Our intention is that you either build out multiple sets of gear for different situations, or you lean towards traits that work in a variety of roles (even if they're maybe not the absolute best for each in particular). We added the reforging system to help ease cases like, for example, a DPS who suddenly finds themselves needing to transition to being their guild's main tank, not as a means for constantly re-adjusting traits like a second set of talent points. Maybe the current system isn't achieving that, but if it isn't, we're likely to become MORE restrictive on reforging, not less.

But here it is, between the lines of their text: We don't want you to break our class system mechanics.

Basically, they are happy for us to grind dungeons as it plays into their disgusting unfulfilling gambling system. They also want all of our gold.

But really, I'm here as a PvPer and I have a lot of AZ gear I'm mixing and matching and finding out that in PvP these traits are all nerfed by almost 2/3's so I need to combine very specific traits for them to have any decent impact right. So I triple up on the outer most ring, then triple up on the 2nd ring, triple up on the 3rd and ignore the middle because I'll never unlock those.

What I find is that combining these would lead to classes performing outside of the devs intentions. They're happy for us to grind the gear but by the time we have the specific gear with the specific traits on, the next patch will be out with a whole new set of gear...

So they're preventing me from testing strong synergetic combinations of traits for my results. I want to reforge, pop into a BG, check my stats, pop out then reforge into a different combination for a better or different result but the gold costs are preventing me from doing this.

They are preventing me from essentially 'breaking' my class because, frankly, that's all I can hope for as a Warlock right now as the intended gameplay is for me to never stand a chance in PvP ever.
bump. Come on...
The game is sh*t, everyone knows, it's just eveyone is triggered by different reasons :)
Fancy seeing you here Abacabb :p
18/10/2018 07:13Posted by Abacabb
bump. Come on...

Why would you bump a thread within minutes of creating it?
Hey Drenthare ;) good lfr last night ey haha

And @Versorius: I posted them an hurt apart. My post was too quickly losing relevance on the front page because at the time 6-7 other topics were very busy :)
18/10/2018 06:42Posted by Abacabb
they are happy for us to grind dungeons

Not seeing the problem as that is 80% of the end-game, gearing by doing repeated runs in instances.
@thedice: I never said it was a problem?
The real reason is probably that they want us to reforge, and they want us to reforge often and pay an insane amount of gold for doing so. That way they get to sell more WoW tokens.

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