Looking for long term partner for 3s (mage)

As described above.
I am playing this game for sth like 12 years, and i have played arenas here and there in that time, but i never really focused on pushing hard.

I am not very good. I'm with a healer disc priest, who has in the past been over 2.4k but he hasnt really pushed recently either.

We are both rusty, priest is bit undergeared (356) and my exp isnt very impressive either (best was a bit over 1.9k), so don't let that stop you if that's more than you did.

After all those downsides, time for something more uplifting. We are intelligent, and we learn fast. I also have a lot of game knowledge, because knowledge is power.
Oh and we have mad bants.

What do we expect from the mage:

-Endless patience, and drive to play. We are not pushing rating yet, and probably a lot of time will pass before we do. We need to learn the comp (i have never played rmx for more than few arenas). We need to get synergy. You need to be able to withstand that time.
-Be smart. You dont have to be god of the game straight away, in fact we're okay with you sucking, as long as you are intelligent and learn fast. Just dont be playing the game for a month. There is a limit to how bad you can be.
-Fluent english. Obviously. You don't have to be a teacher, but good enought to communicate with no problems. And of course have a working microphone.
-Not being offended by everything, not being sjw, not loving PC (and ofc i don't mean personal computer here).
What ISNT expected from the mage:
2.4k rating. Or 2k. Or even 1,4k. In fact as long as we get along fine, and we want to play together, you may as well be 0.

What are end goals? At least gladiator. Maybe not this season, maybe it's gonna be next. No guarantees. One way or another, we will all end up being better, so even if you won't hit it with us, the ammount of practice that we do will def push u higher.

My btag is Unconvinced#2221.
wrong forum sectiooon
How is it wrong if it's arenas section and thats exactly what i am interested in?
21/10/2018 18:12Posted by Craftee
How is it wrong if it's arenas section and thats exactly what i am interested in?

Actually you are interested in looking for mates for arena, not to discuss something about arenas.
There is a pvp lfm-section:

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