[A] <Prydaz> is Recruiting 2/8M 8/8HC

Greetings fellow Ravencrest players,

<Prydaz> is an Alliance Guild that wants to provide a friendly and warm atmosphere for it's members, while also focussing on improving ourselves and eachother. We currently raid Wednesday and Monday from 19:00 to 23:00 server time.
As you may have read in the title we've cleared Heroic and are 2/8 on Mythic right now. And we at <Prydaz> are looking to bolster our ranks with some new players for mythic Uldir. So we can get a solid group for steady progression.

We're mainly looking for ranged dps, in the following order:
1. Warlocks
2. BM Hunters
3. Balance Druids

But we could also do with a Warrior / Demon Hunter / Death Knight

We're not looking for tanks or healers in particular, but (!!) we won't shy away from really good ones. So don't hesitate if you're experienced and confident you're up for the task.

We expect our raiders to attend the raids, so we can have the same people everytime and actually progress at a steady rate. Also to know your class and run sims accordingly. Lastly we're looking for resilient players that can keep their cool and stay calm while progressing. Wiping is a part of progression and while we're open for constructive criticism, we don't like people with bad attitudes and high ego's. We're all about being kind and friendly to eachother and have a good time playing and have a good experience together.

If you're interested or if you'd like to know more and to ask us questions you can contact us ingame or add us on battlenet.

Guild Master
Dimpage - Milk#2703
Vaelah - RedBowNL#1777
Snorken - Skrikapa#2123

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