Just boosted a druid for no reason

Hi, how do i not become a bad rdruid in dungeon ?
By being a good rduid in dungeon.
Read questionablyepic.com and then...practice a lot.
Don't know what your trying to heal, but for most pve related activities, rdruids are good.

The higher the requirements, i.e. m+, you will be required to pre-hot, e.g. know when the DMG waves are coming in, and when to use cooldown.
Make mouseover macros or use an add on for all your healing abilities, it will help you alot.
Other than that it's just like everything else in life: practice.
There is no such thing as a class or role where you can just boost a character and be the almighty god that gets praised and invited by everyone just by existing.
It sounds odd but track ur hots - espec lifebloom on the tank
Since I tracked the hots and took it a bit more seriously I was more “in control” if you get me - does that help?

On these forums are some great people - if you post logs someone may analyse it all for you. I’ve had that and it’s really amazing what you can pick up.

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