Something different: The best of B/Bs?

Pet Battles
We're always told that B/Bs are terrible, but at some point you get to work with them too.
Several unique movesets are B/B only, and base stats differ aswell.

Is there the one you could forgive that nuisance? Do PvE/PvP statistics matter?

I can find these pets pretty lucky for their status:
  • Boneshard
  • Broot
  • Blossoming Ancient
  • * Cinder Kitten
  • Electrified Razortooth
  • Rattlejaw
  • Runeforged Servitor
  • Squirky
  • Sun Darter Hatchling
  • Tiny Snowman (pre-BfA)
  • Willy
  • Wretched Servant
Arguably: Baa'l, Dreadmaw, Egbert, _____ Lantern, Lifelike Toad, Nightmare Bell, Pandaren Air Spirit, Unborn Val'kyr (equally with the H/H), Vengeful Chicken

From the main list, only 4 have plain, standard (1481/276/276) stats.
Number-wise, Runeforged Servitor seems to have base stats diverse enough you almost don't notice the breed.

Personally, I ponder between Sun Darter Hatchling and Squirky. Your pick?
(And no, this is not a tournament idea at all. Ni)
Squirky is insanely good when faster. clockwork gnome being sb is not bad
I first thought "There must be more", but I looked down my list, and you have mentioned all the ones I actually play. I owe WIlly a great debt for his service during the reign of Graves and the Evul Undead, but haven't found much of a place for him since.

I would also name Squirky the MVP of the bunch. Sun Darter Hatchling is great in against the right opponent, but most of the time pretty mediocre.

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