New to the server: some questions!

Argent Dawn
I know you guys probably get a lot of these kinds of posts, but I was just wondering what sort of guilds are recruiting on this server? My brother and I have just region swapped from NA - we're both from EU but we had (had.. feelsbad) American friends that got us into the game - and now I'm looking for a home. I've never really been in a guild before so I thought it'd be interesting, and all I've done for the past 10+ years in games is roleplay so if any cool guilds are recruiting please let me know!

Always found the Gilnean people interesting and found the idea of roleplaying one cool as well. On the American roleplay servers there are a lot of guilds that are limited to one race and the like, is that what the scene is like here?

Mostly I'd be interested in roleplaying a Gilnean soldier so if there are any military focused guilds I'd be interested. Also, if you do PvP that's a big plus for me as well!

Thanks for your time.
Thanks, boss!
Sorry to hear that your friends overseas dont play wow anymore, but welcome to Argent Dawn EU!

I bet the Nightfall Brigade is perfect for your request, as they join every RP-PvP campaigns on the server and they're a good bunch of folk as well.

Sir Hobbs might not be Gilnean, but he sure is an amiable fellow. I hope our characters cross paths in the future.

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