[International, H] The Demonic Guardians is recruiting

Burning Legion
Greetings, traveler!

Are you looking for a chilled community that plays the game amongst multiple others to relax and not get frustrated over it?
Then Clan TDG might be the pick for you!

The Demonic Guardians is an international, multi-gaming clan founded in the February of 2009, we originally started on Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne.

Our WoW profile is set to be a mixed social/PvE/PvP clan, where everybody can find their fit activity and chill while at it, remembering that we all have our life and that everybody has the right to be a busy person - which doesn't change that we can still enjoy what we do! :)

We recruit players of all levels and interests to join our international clan on WoW and beyond!

    Communication programs used:

  • TeamSpeak
  • Steam
  • Discord

    In-game contact:

  • Demonthas-BurningLegion
  • Yûgure-BurningLegion
  • Ryucatosh-BurningLegion
  • Kyorinken-BurningLegion
  • Ajvox-BurningLegion
  • Tazzu-BurningLegion

    Out-of-game contact:

  • Discord: Operativ#4911

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