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24/10/2018 09:20Posted by Redoctober
- titanforging system - hate it, it's gambling, and I dislike gambling. CBA getting better loot from 1600 rated RBG than I got from 2200 rated arena.


Pvp vendors would bring joy to my soul
I just level to 120 and put characters on hold.
I lost motivation to progress any of my characters.
This is a shame, I really like your dry humour and gentle poking fun at various things!

I'll probs be back eventually, if not for the main game then definitely for classic.

Glad to see you back anyway, hope life is treating you well.
There is truth in what you are saying. The thing is, I would like to play TBC again. I had so much fun playing priest back then, but somehow I think it is way too old and would conflict too much with the expectations of a large portion of the current WoW player base. Same for WotLK. MoP is however closer in time, and from what I recall, the classes were at the end of the day damn fun to play. But yes, you raised good points with the mandatory glyphs and the overly simplified talent system in MoP.

I don't think WotLK would be too far from the current expectations, maybe with the exception of not being able to switch talents quite as much on a whim. If anything the game back then was faster paced than it is now. I do agree that a TBC feel would be far removed from the expectations of the game.
The main thing to me is that i feel there isn't a need for picking between 3 different options 7 times. The old talent tree only really gave the option of picking between 6 unique abilities in total with the rest being baseline and maybe enhanced through talents.

25/10/2018 10:15Posted by Sylvin
The first instance wastes everyone's time so I don't do it generally, but last night was one of those instances where I just couldn't deal with some guy's rage.

I'll take my key depletion any day if it means wasting the time of someone who can't show a proper behaviour in the group. Can always poke me with your btag or something ingame or send it through mail there if you want since i doubt my friend and I would mind running more M+, even at the lower end since he's got some fresh tanks there. ^^

25/10/2018 10:54Posted by Redoctober
25/10/2018 10:39Posted by Eggs
Btw red, it seems you can install the classic demo now.

I saw it, can't wait now! :D

The feeling of being too cheap to grab the virtual ticket. :(

Can't wait to just do some level'ing with the old pacing, even if i only got to experience some of that when i started in TBC (so it obviously wasn't quite the same).
25/10/2018 18:38Posted by Monmage
Pvp vendors would bring joy to my soul

Mine too. That idea that "we removed pvp vendors because some players might have bought items in the wrong order" is just... no words.

25/10/2018 21:50Posted by Жарльвица
I just level to 120 and put characters on hold.
I lost motivation to progress any of my characters.

Same here before I decided to stop altogether, feels pointless to do anything ingame.

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