upgrade from a gtx 970

So looking to upgrade my gtx 970 and was looking at a 1080 for around £420 but have just seen that the new 2070 is out and only £450 so its it worth paying the extra £30 for a 2070 or go for the 1080?

current specs;
i5 8600k 5.0gz (over clocked)
16GB 3000mhz
500gb ssd
gtx 970
Acer Predator Z35 35 inch widescreen monitor curved.
GTX 2K are wasted on WoW... you may even get a reduced FPS.

Most would say that any thing better than a 1060 would be a waste - you'd probably get better mileage from an i7 upgrade than a GPU upgrade.

i7-8700K are about the same price as the GTX-2070 you're considering.
Just to be sure we're not talking of a 1080ti right? Cause that's a no brainer.

If it's just a 1080, meh, think I'd go with the 2070
Is this for wow? Seems like a complete waste. It would be like putting fairings and mag wheels on a tractor.
2070 is "supposed" to be about 10% better then a 1080. It's basically a slightly overclocked 1080.

It's 2 years newer, and for the sake of 30quid id go got it tbh.
if its for wow only its a waste of money. you will not gain anything
Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on your point of view, Wow is HEAVY CPU intensive, and less so GPU. Naturally, you still need a modern video card, but the CPU is usually the bottleneck for wow.
This is not just for wow. This for the next 2 years of gaming.

And currently the 970gtx is my bottleneck.
if ur just playing wow .. i would go for a 1070 .. its all you need don't waste your money. if you plan to do other things than play wow , the choice depends on what you have planned.

i personally have a 1080 and it will most likely last me another good 6- 7 years before i need to upgrade it.
Upgrading the gpu will give you more mileage across the board in other games as your cpu is just fine for current applications for the next couple of years.

1080 is a good gpu and you can probably get one at a really good price now too if that's the direction you want to go.

However the 2070 is the newer card and if it's a similar price i'd probably say go for that and hey you can even enjoy some of those shiney rtx features.
I'm still using a GTX 970 and I have 100+ FPS at 2560*1080. OK, it's medium-high and not ultra-high settings, but in my opinion the higher settings don't really improve the graphics noticeably anyway.

If you've got cash to spend, yeah, I'd go for a GTX 2070, but only if you also play a lot of other PC games. Just for WoW, I don't think the upgrade will add a lot.

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