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Twisting Nether
New Directions:

Since the start of BFA, the guild has been raiding casually and our rankings do not reflect where we want the guild to be going forward. We were once a world top 150 guild and as of the 5th of November 2018, we are rebuilding the guild with intention of achieving that type of ranking once again. To help us do that our officer team has over 30 combined years of guild and raid leadership under its belt, so we know what we need to succeed.

We are now starting to build our team with our new goals in mind. We are on the lookout for players with past CE experience that want to help build and push a guild to new heights while maintaining a fun and friendly guild atmosphere at all times.

To be clear our aim is to begin raiding mythic on the 14th of November.

If you are the following, we would love to hear from you:
- be a social player, you talk on discord and love to play the game outside of raids
- have the gear to jump directly into mythic (370 ilvl+)
- have previous CE raiding experience (not a deal breaker providing you can show us you can play your class)
- a player who likes to min/max their character.
- a player that understands that the guild comes first.

Our Current Requirements:

Currently Looking for a few targeted classes to make our raid composition much better for progression:

These are the ideal classes we require right now:
1 Mistweaver Monk
1 Holy Priest
1 Shadow Priest
1 Affliction Warlock
1 Mage (able to play all specs)
1 Beast Mastery Hunter
1 Frost Death Knight
1 Balance Druid

The above will see us create the perfect raid composition for progression.

Overall Goal:
Our immediate aim is to rebuild and strengthen our core. Our main goal for 8.1 is to push high up the rankings and ultimately be the best raiding guild we can be for the time we invest in the game.

Raid Schedule (in Realm Time):
Currently raiding 2 days a week while we build our new squad.

Wednesday - 20:30 - 23:30
Thursday - 20:30 - 23:30
Sunday: 20:30 - 23:30 (on the release of 8.1)

From 8.1 onwards we will be adding a Monday raid for the first two weeks of progress.

Recruitment Policy:
We aim to keep our raiding squad as small as possible (around 25 players). This allows us to raid when some players are absent but in order to maintain faster progression, we do not wish to gear out more players than is necessary and therefore expect a minimum of 90% attendance from our raiders.

We seek new recruits that are mature, share our passion for raiding and have a pleasant personality. They must be knowledgeable about their class, have a sense of pride in their character and a drive for progress. They should not be afraid to talk on Discord and need to be sociable and fun to have around.

Exceptional applicants are always welcome even if we're not looking for your specific class

Zord - Btag: Zord#1108, Discord Tag: Zord#1220
Buzzle - Btag: Lee#22654, Discord Tag: Lee#1427
Mukaz - Btag: mukas#2875
Azyne - Btag: Jkke#21676


How to Apply:
To be considered please get in touch with one of the above contacts or alternatively, you can fill out an application form on our website.

If accepted you will be placed on a trial period that usually lasts 3 weeks.


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