8.1 Issue - Night Elf Glaive is DH only.

Argent Dawn
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15/11/2018 02:26Posted by Nerathion
Do you have a source on Nightborne getting released heritage weaponry?
Afaik, Blizzard was quite against heritage weaponry, even though race-locking and making cosmetic weaponry would be the easiest solution in my opinion.
I missed Legion, but i have seen a few articles with weapons that were perfectly matched with the heritage armour. And, really, i thought it was released.
Sorry, my bad.

However, i still do not understand this position against heritage weapons. We already have the models in the game client and soon we will get even more, but it will not be playable for some reason.
Thread is already too long, admittably didn't read much but I want to vent.

Blizz, remind us again, why do Night Elf sentinels in Darnassus and Darkshore for example carry a Moonglaive, if they're not even close to Demon Hunters? Unless warriors suddenly become able to wield warglaives similarly to Demon Hunters, I can't see much lore-friendly reason to do implement it like that.


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