Current state of Balance Druids

Hey Guys,

I've been playing spriest since Wrath, and i have always enjoyed the spec alot.

With the rework in Legion, current state in 8.0, and with no good changes being made to spriest in 8.1, i'm looking towards a different class to play.

Boomkins have always interested me, because (from what i understand) their playstyle has been somewhat similar to what spriest used to be.

So i'm just wondering, how are Boomkin's overal performance in let's say; Mythic+ and raiding?

Not bad, i swapped from Priest to Druid myself as i quickly grew bored with priest, it also has its ups and downs like everything else, but overall i'm content, i do however recomend Priest over Druid at the moment

(keep in mind that's just a personal opinion.)

i like the overal performance better for priest and felt smoother while boomy is more rooted to the floor and heavily reliable not on moving unlike Priest (given priest could just void bolt while running.)

I am however very displeased with Priests direction at the moment regarding gear concerns seeming as i'm rather forced to have 5 different sets for my 3 specs for different purpose while i seem to get mostly away with the Boomy / Resto differences with some minor adjustments.

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