[H] Fearless, 3/8 Mythic, Is Recruiting

We are Fearless, a Semi-Hardcore Progression guild on the EU Magtheridon Server. We aim for the sweet spot between social and progression guilds, our guild members are active, social, with a mature, rowdy sense of humour, and our enemies are dead, buried and looted. We are a brand new guild, and having just started on this expansion we are already one of the top guilds on the realm and strive to be one of the best. We have strong core of raiders, and need the final few players to complete our team.

WW MONK, Frost DK, Healer, prefferably with off-spec, exceptional players of any class or spec

3/8 Mythic 8/8 Hc

Wed, Thur, Mon, 8-11 Realm, With a HC run on the Weekend

We expect high attendance or a damn good explanation, and for you to bring pots, flasks and an ability to learn from mistakes. We would like for anyone wanting to join to come in with the mindset of wanting to learn/improve and have a passion for raiding with a strong dedicated team.

If Raiding isn't your thing, we're also looking for people for M+ community within the guild as well as socials are more than welcome to join.

RL: Max#26192 Officer Rahav: Buckley#2232

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