Kinetic - New Silvermoon PVP Guild

We're a new PVP guild starting on Silvermoon, made up of former members of a couple of other PVP guilds.

We're currently recruiting all classes for RBGs/arenas/World PVP and daily randoms. We have experienced RBG leaders and are looking for patient/mature players to help fill out our PVP roster.

Whisper me or another officer for an invite or for more information (we're also happy to talk to people looking to migrate or re-roll characters from Horde of from other realms)
We're still recruiting all classes, but would love to hear from any Shadow Priests or Locks (even if you're currently levelling).
Roster filling up nicely and it's looking like we'll be testing the water with our first RBG group this weekend.

Still looking for players.
Still recruiting. Since starting the guild we've done RBGs almost every night, many of our members also group up for random BGs and arenas during the day. We also have long term plans to do world PVP (it always seems to be Horde who raid alliance cities on this realm, and we'd like to try to bring the fight to them occasionally) :)

We're interested in applications from all exceptional players/classes, but would be especially keen to hear from boomies/locks/DH tanks and rogues.

We also have space for social/levelling players (an interest in PVP might help you align with other guild members, but we're a friendly bunch and happy to take on PVE's).

Feel free to whisper me or another officer for a chat.
What kind of pvp bracket are you aiming for? Never really thought about a pvp guild before. Getting bored of raiding and keys though, quite interested!

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