Level 110 boost.

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i dident get an 110 boost ven i buat wow starter pack. an i need it. can you help me?
Did you purchase the BfA expansion after setting up your starter account?

If so on your character selection screen there should be a button to boost a character to 110.
The boost is with the Battle for Azeroth expansion. What did you buy and where from? There's nothing that Blizzard call a starter pack.
Hello Hydell,

As it was already said, the boost is part of the expansion "Battle for Azeroth". If you have bought just the standard edition, meaning all the expansion up to Legion, you won't have a boost included.

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What's your opinion?

Hello. today I bought Battle for azeroth. I decided to make a lvl 110 character boost. Ive done all class trial 100% then I relogged on my character. now it says "unlock" and then iNTERNAL ERROR. and help please?
It can take up to 24 hours while your payment is processing for BfA until it's available.

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