[Guide] My collection of macros.

Hello everyone!
So this guide is a relatively simple guide to help fellow newcomers (or veteran archdruids) to the druid class.
Ive been a long time affliction warlock player and am no stranger to macros, however, some months after re-rolling to druid I can safely say that druids are the most macro-hungry class in the game.
Druids are known to be the most versatile class in the game, and thanks to that, they are also (in my opinion) the most complex class, this leads to many players disliking druid, thinking they are bad because they don't play the class to it's fullest potential or believe the class is too complicated and therefore, worthless since you can do massimum deeps with three buttons in other classes, I aim to change that even if a little bit.
I spent some months making these macros as I was playing, creating them as the needs came, some should be used by everyone, others are mostly tailored to my playstyle but can be usefull for you or reverse engineered to help you out in your own playstyle.

These macros are all mouseover macros, as a healer you most likely have the party frame in the center or close to the center, and these macros help alot to make it so you can react without almost no delay, since clicking on all frames every cast can be a real pain

#showtooltip Ironbark
/cast [@mouseover,help]Ironbark

#showtooltip Nature's Cure
/cast [@mouseover,help]Nature's Cure

#showtooltip Innervate
/cast [@mouseover,help]Innervate

#showtooltip Wild Charge
/cast [@mouseover,help]Wild Charge

#showtooltip Lifebloom
/cast [@mouseover,help]Lifebloom

#showtooltip Regrowth
/cast [@mouseover,help]Regrowth

#showtooltip Rejuvenation
/cast [@mouseover,help]Rejuvenation;

#showtooltip Swiftmend
/cast [@mouseover,help]Swiftmend

I dont have much need for macros in guardian, since most of what you are doing will be to your current target, however, i have two very usefull macros, one is so you can charge to any target by simple hoovering your mouse to your enemy (this macro will appear broken with the "?" simbol after you make it, but don't worry, if you mouse over a enemy the symbol will appear and the macro will work), the other is so you can use Thrash and Swipe in the same button, since both are AOE´s. if you press shift you can thrash and if you don't you will do the normal swipe, this macro is also available for feral druids

/use [mod:shift]Thrash;Swipe

#showtooltip Wild Charge
/use [@mouseover,harm]Wild Charge

Balance has some different macros, you can cast sunfire, moonfire and stellar flare by mouse hoovering, you will be casting these alot, specially in dungeon scenarios, and it's extremelly usefull to maintain your main target to cast solar wrath, lunar strike and starsurge while you can cast your dots on the other targets.
Innervate macro is very simple, if you have a healer focused, it will cast on the healer, if you dont have any target, it will cast on you, and if you target an ally(without having any ally focused) it will cast on that target, In raid scenarios I advice you to maintain a fellow resto druid (if you have lively spirit trait, targeting a resto druid is the most beneficial) on focus, if you are in a dungeon just keep your healer focused and you can cast innervate while you deal damage to your foes without worrying about changing targets.
I also included a macro that allows you to shapeshift into feral form by pressing shift, and in moonkin form by just pressing the button you placed the macro in. Most of the times, you want to go stealth or just run faster, and this macro allows you to shapeshift into your main spec form and your feral form with just one button.
The last macro is just my own playstyle, it allows me to cast two of our active talents with one button, warrior of elune by pressing shift+button or fury of elune if you dont press shift, if you are going into a full aoe build.

#showtooltip Innervate
/use [@focus,exists,nodead][]Innervate

/use [@mouseover,harm][]Moonfire(Lunar)

/use [@mouseover,harm][]Sunfire(Solar)

/use [@mouseover,harm][]Stellar Flare

/use [mod:shift]Cat Form(Shapeshift);Moonkin Form

/use [mod:shift]Warrior of Elune;Fury of Elune

Not much to say here, i also feel like feral doesnt need many specific macros. Two of these macros are equal to guardian macros, one for Trash and Swipe, the other to wild charge to your mouse hover target.
The other one is also a specific one for me but can help you out too if you are in need of button space, it will cast tiger's fury or cast moonfire on your target if you press shift.
The final macro is so you can either go into feral form or, by pressing shift, you can go into stealth, gotta save them buttons space, a man can only reach so far into the keyboard, I use this macro in resto too since you don't need to shapeshift into anything and I use the same button to shapeshift in every spec

/use [mod:shift]Thrash;Swipe

#showtooltip Wild Charge
/use [@mouseover,harm]Wild Charge

/use [mod:shift]Moonfire(Lunar);Tiger's Fury

/use [mod:shift]Prowl;Cat Form(Shapeshift)

These macros can be applied to every spec.
The first two are an example of macros you can use to burst down your target, one for feral the other for balance, I added them here instead of their specific spec because they are mostly targeted to trolls, however, as you can see, it is possible to cast your usable trinkets. Since they dont share the GCD, you can use a macro to enable your spec big cooldown, your race cooldown and your trinkets all at once for maximum burst, make sure you are not on the GCD, since celestial alignment and berserk are in the GCD, so don't try to press the macro immediatly after or while you are doing another hability as this will activate everything but your spec cooldown, you can switch the celestial alignment or berserk to fit resto too, by changing them into tree of life cooldown if you have it talented.
One is a simple mousover macro to cast rebirth on your dead ally.
The other three are macros to cast entangling roots, hibernate and soothe to your mouseover enemy.
The last three have been amazing in m+ to me, since i can keep DPS'ing,healing or tank while I CC or dispell enemy mobs.

/cast Celestial Alignment
/cast Berserking(Racial)
/use Berserker's Juju
/use First Mate's Spyglass

/cast Berserk
/cast Berserking(Racial)
/use Berserker's Juju
/use First Mate's Spyglass

#showtooltip Rebirth
/cast [@mouseover,help]Rebirth

#showtooltip Entangling Roots
/use [@mouseover,harm]Entangling Roots

#showtooltip Hibernate
/use [@mouseover,harm]Hibernate

#showtooltip Soothe
/use [@mouseover,harm]Soothe

If you are new to mouseover macros, they can work by either hoovering your mouse over an enemy (addons like ELVUI add a boss party frame to the side and you can mouseover those to cast the spells) / party frames OR you can just hoover your mouse directly in the enemy or the player.
Most of the times you will be hoovering your enemies directly to deal damage, dispell, cc and hoovering over your party frames for beneficial spells like regrowth or lifebloom.

Most of these macros are simple and can be reverse engineered to fit your needs.
I hope I helped you out a little bit and if you don't understand a macro OR if any of them isn't working, let me know so i can fix it.
Share your own usefull macros too if you want, druids really love them haha.
Have a great day!

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