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hi i have been away from wow for many years but have come back logged on and have been enjoying the game very much but all my mates have moved on from Forstmane and because of this am thinking of doing a character transfer but they are on realms that say full in the realm list but i know can still add characters to them as i have made characters on the realm and its worked but am asking would they do a character transfer from forstmane to say Tarren mill or maybe Twisting nether they both say full on the realm list when you go on the create character but am hoping they would let me move my main over and then letter on over time move the rest of my other characters over in total be 3 more in time do you think they would let me move over maybe if its just my main for now ??
Why don't you just try moving them and see if any message or error pops up for you that declines the character transfer?
Was thinking that but did not want a yes to main then find out that can't move the rest over then get stuck with across two server

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