With patch 8.1 soon, are u done with content?

With patch 8.1 being released about a month from now, have you finished with current BFA content?

As for me: I'm done with most reputations. Already got the horses from Stormsong, Embers and Admirality. Exalted reputations with Champions and Tortollans - soon. I've finished the war campaign long ago, and the dwarven race has been unlocked.

Currently not done with Horde content, though. Still haven't played on my Horde main, need to do all reps, mounts, war campaign and maghar isn't unlocked.

What about you?
still wiping on goonyboy
Haven't played alliance this expansion, though I heard the story from that side is good.

Most of my horde reps are revered minus the turtles. So, I guess will keep working on that. But, I am slow. I basically on do the cache is the reward looks worthwhile.

Also working on getting my raider.io m+ score up, which isn't too bad, since I am a healer.
I'm done with everything I wanted to achieve yes but I'm not done with everything the game has to offer at this time. So if I want, I would have plenty of content left to do.
Almost killed G'huun Mythic and that'll be me done before 8.1. Haven't really logged in outside of raids so not really bothered about the rest right now.
Almost achieved all reps ally. miss some in horde side. This were my goal.
"current bfa content" ahahahhhaha
Still got a lot to do actually.
Haven’t played that much due to other games being released xD (RDR2 :D )
1 month is not soon at all
Well I'm 2 transmog pieces off, should drop before 8.1, hopefully.
I am focusing on Horde’s rep and chapters as alliance’s side is already done.
Just left with mythrax and ghuun mythic kills. I guess we will kill mythrax this or next week and we have 2 weeks to deal with ghuun
Levelling an ally alt (115 now) to experience their side of the story and then work on 7th legion and proudmore rep. The time is actually too short for me before 8.1 hits
I did all the quests, exploring and reputations a long time ago. I don’t do mythics and raids on this character and don’t really find them that fun. I hate PvP. So apart from an emissary box on my Ally main who is slacking on reputation because y a w n, yeah I am done and dusted and really annoyed 8.1 isn’t out on the 14th.
hm - personaly i would prefer to have more alts then 9 that i have on max level but dont really have much time or will to level them up :) would prefer to have all 12 on horde side to be max level and ready for new warfronts to catch up on nice free (355 ? gear ) :)
13/11/2018 09:39Posted by Cinsun
Just left with mythrax and ghuun mythic kills. I guess we will kill mythrax this or next week and we have 2 weeks to deal with ghuun

you need to remeber that 8.1 is not patch with raid . its only war campaign quests and warfront - new raid wont be open untill new year so you have plenty of time for progress.
I'm 7/8H and as a pugger (no friends etc.) I'm pretty much resigned to not getting the curve (though this time I'm not bothered). I have just started levelling an Alliance character to 120 to see their story line. Not quite done yet but eager for 8.1
My daily routine is gated rep grind for Alliance allied races, so Argus and Kul Tiras, so no, that 'content' is not done yet

Don't care about M+, non LFR Raid, Rated PvP so no, haven't 'completed' any of them yet, content also undone.

Played the Alliance story and war campaign, won't do Horde, just loathe the faction in this expansion.
Still got loads to do - loving the story so much but the effort feels like a drag at the mo.

So utterly bored of grinding WQs for rep, but will keep plugging away when I can muster the will to do them. It's a much better system than the dailies of old, but it got dull fast. Just hit revered with 7th Legion and I'm hoping the next war effort quest gives me a gazillion in rep.

Need to finish the pride of kul tiras quest but not looking forward to having to raid to do it.

I don't get how island expeditions are supposed to be fun. What am I missing?

Some heroic dungeons still to do, but I've found the 5-mans to be trash heavy and pretty boring. They look ace but groups just roll through them now and the tactics are already irrelevant.
Motherlode is this xpac's occulus - people just quit out.

I think my focus between now and 8.1 will be levelling my Horde character. Looking forward to seeing the story from their side, even if the troll place is rubbish compared to Boralus.

This sounds like a complaint, but I am mostly loving BfA. I like good 5-man content and hate grinding the same things over and over - so it just feels a bit dull at the mo.
just started going trough the side quests in the hopes of getting some more rep

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